When I went vegan, I actually had no problems finding simple, cheap and quick recipes and cooking them. I simply searched a few food blogs and it felt like I saved thousands of recipes on Pinterest. So I never really had the problem that I had no ideas for what to cook. My real problem was that I just did’t have time (and still don’t) to try all the recipes that I saved 🙂

In my Instagram poll, however, it was clear that you guys want some recipe suggestions because you find it difficult to veganize recipes or to make the switch to vegan cuisine. So far I’ve been able to veganize almost every recipe. Here you can find my recipes on the blog, and you can find all questions and my answers about vegan food here and here.

You can also find an overview of the topic “Switch to vegan” here and an essential vegan shopping list here.

Vegan Food Blogs

You can also easily find so many recipes online for free. There are SOOOO many that don’t work for me and I don’t understand how they function for the cook. So, there are ups and downs. But for beginners I can definitely recommend (there are of course many more, but I do not want to overwhelm you):

  • Ohsheglows (I started cooking vegan 7 years ago with this blog!) The old recipes were all so easy and I actually found 99.9% of the ingredients in the regular grocery store which was great because there was no vegan trend at the time)
  • The Minimalist Baker (super simple recipes with as few ingredients as possible)
  • Avantgardevegan and Pick Up Limes also have great recipes on YouTube


Easy & quick recipes that I love

This was your biggest wish and I will just try to share my dishes with you over the course of the month. As a start here are my favorite dishes on my blog:

More food inspiration on my Instagram channel in my highlight “Veganuary”.


Vegan bread spreads

  • Many of you, mostly Germans though haha, asked me what to put on bread instead of cheese or non vegan spreads. I will create a whole blogpost about that topic but until then some quick inspiration:
  • homemade cashew cheese spread
  • hummus
  • sliced marinated tofu (Taifun has the best one in my opinion – not sponsored)
  • Fried tempeh slices (best tempeh in my opinion is from Tempehmanufaktur – not sponsored)
  • vegan lox – find a recipe on @aniahimsa‘s account 
  • veggie spreads made out of nuts, veggies and nutritional yeast
  • ajvar (the Serbian in me is coming out, haha) – trust me, it’s so good on bread


My “magic formula” in cooking

I start with vegetables or with a protein, e.g. Potatoes or tempeh, and create a dish around it. For example, Baked potatoes with salad and chickpeas. Or fried tempeh with pan vegetables, tomato sauce and rice. Or whole wheat pasta with almond sauce and peas. Or mushrooms with spinach, zucchini and tofu in a soy sauce with polenta or millet. A super easy option that just always works, no matter what time of day, or if you are on the go: Buddha Bowls! Simply combine a carbohydrate with various vegetables, healthy fats and protein and a dressing in a bowl. Just Ecosia it!

If something does not taste good enough, I will pep it up with:
  • Nutritional yeast
  • Almond butter
  • Holy veggie spice
  • Soy sauce / Tamari
  • some sweetness (for example a teaspoon of maple syrup)
  • mustard
  • and / or miso paste


Veganized Dishes

This was also one of the main things you guys asked for! I’ll try to share the best veganized recipes here during the month. Here are a few that I can already share with you:


At the beginning of my vegan transition, I tried a recipe from cookbooks or from Ohsheglows every day. If you guys do this, you will have the basics of the vegan kitchen down pretty quickly and then you can start to experiment! If you are looking for alternatives, do a bit of searching on the internet, but also test yourself! So far I have been able to cook a vegan alternative for EVERYTHING (or at least almost everything)! Even for vegan macarons, lasagna and fondue!


Eating out as a vegan

I already have a blog post about this! Have a look over here!

Vegan on the Road / Traveling as a vegan
  • Let me know if you need special tips (go vegan out of the post via the blog post)
  • Take a look at the Vegan Passport app, which could be handy for you on the road as well, this app is for free, is a bit simpler, but works well too!
  • The Facebook group Vegan Travel is also very helpful! People share some great tips there!


Write in the comments what you would like veganized!

(Titelfoto: Kevin McCutcheon on Unsplash)

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