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Fair Fashion Guide: A selection of my favorite Fair Fashion and Natural Cosmetics brands and shops (check out all my Ethical Fashion blogposts here). I am including online shops and brands that I love, have personally tested or am a big fan of. Therefore, this is a personal fair fashion guide, consisting of my own recommendations and not an exhaustive or complete compilation (yet). Items are either vegan, fair, produced in Europe an/or made of organic or sustainable materials. Most links are affiliate links (ad, but unpaid, not sponsored).

And of course I have to add my own ethical fashion label to the top: We launched our fair fashion label tiija.de in 2o20 and we hope you like our styles!



High-End/ pricier
Outerwear, Jackets & Workout
  • Find my Blogpost about that topic here!

Lingerie / Underwear



Ethical Accessories:
Bags (vegan (not all) & fair fashion)
Glasses & sunglasses
Sustainable and/ or Vegan Shoes:
Fair Fashion with Inclusive Sizes – Extended Sizes & Petite
My fair fashion outfits (as an inspiration):


I hope you like this Fair Fashion Guide! Let me know, if you need any more inspiration, information or if you are looking for a specific item, for example a prom dress. Maybe I can help!! I really want to show you with this fair fashion guide that fair fashion is not only ethical and amazing but also stylish and affordable! Check out all my ethical fashion blogposts here!

Other Ethical Fashion & Sustainability Bloggers and YouTubers that I like:





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