Exciting News: Jesse and I are thrilled to announce that we’ve become parents! Ok ok, I admit: Our little one has been with us for a year now, and I haven’t updated the blog since then. No posts, no collages, no collaborations. I know it might seem surprising. I’ve been blogging for over a decade and never took such a long break. Throughout all the ups and downs, I managed to provide regular updates. But as everyone told me, having a baby changes everything!

I was somewhat naive, thinking I could blog here and there in the evenings or during the baby’s naps (looool). I couldn’t have been more wrong. Unfortunately, the birth was far from easy, and it took me a while to recover. The first few months were incredibly stressful.

I understand the initial challenges of parenthood are difficult for most people. However, our baby had severe sleeping issues, waking up almost every hour most nights due to allergies and reflux. Things started to get a bit easier after the sixth month milestone, but it’s still a struggle. We’ve found a routine, though. Despite the challenges, we are incredibly happy, fortunate, and grateful! Life with our little one is incredibly rewarding, and he’s simply the best! Perhaps I’ll share more about our experiences as parents another time.

Once things got a bit smoother with the baby, I found myself feeling somewhat disconnected. I stopped updating my Instagram as frequently and struggled to engage with the social media world. It’s easy to lose your way, and your content quickly becomes “irrelevant” if you’re not constantly online. And I didn’t want to limit myself to typical mommy content; I wanted to continue sharing my regular fashion, interior, and lifestyle content with a touch of mommy life. Balancing work was also a challenge, as I had limited hours in the evenings to focus on my existing clients.

However, this week marked a turning point: our little one started going to nursery every morning, giving me the opportunity to fully dive back into my work! I’m officially BACK! Right now, my focus is on the blog, Instagram, and my newest platform, TikTok. I might consider reviving my YouTube channel next year, but that’s still up in the air.

After this lengthy update, I want to hear from you: WHAT do you want to see on the blog and my social media channels? I have some plans, with a focus on interior and lifestyle content, but I’d love to know your thoughts! Your feedback means the world to me, and I’m here to create content that you’ll enjoy. Let’s chat! What are you excited to see?

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  1. Liebe Mia,
    schön, dass du wieder da bist!
    Gratulation zu eurem Kind, es ist sehr schön, dass es euch allen gut geht.
    Im letzten Jahr habe ich wohl keinen Blog so häufig besucht, wie deinen, immer wieder die Seite aktualisiert und gehofft, dass du einen neuen Beitrag veröffentlicht hast. Und, dass es jetzt so weit ist, freut mich sehr!
    ich freue mich immer über alle Posts, finde es aber immer besonders toll, wenn es nicht nur um “Konsum” (selbst wenn dieser nachhaltigER) ist, geht. einfach quatschen über das Leben, aber auch Einrichtungstipps, Rezepte (liebe ich!),….
    viele liebe Grüße!

  2. Hey Mila,

    herzlichen Glückswunsch noch zur Geburt! Und wie schön, dass Du nach einer sehr verdienten Elternzeit wieder da bist. Ich freue mich sehr, wenn es hier auf dem Blog weiter geht, das ist einfach viel schöner und gehaltvoller als auf dem schnelllebigen Instagram.

    Viele Grüße,