easiest vegan cheese sauce

This blogpost is also available in German (auf Deutsch)

As promised, today I am posting my second vegan cheese recipe (my first vegan cheese recipe was with cashews and a bit more advanced). Today’s recipe is sooooo simple and incredibly delicious.

I think this one is super delicious, almost my favorite and so far everyone has loved it too! For example, this summer I made while on a countryside trip with friends (it’s super easy, you’ll notice in the recipe). Because we all made pizza together and I did not want to use fake cheese i made myself a thick version of the almond cheese sauce and put it onto the pizza 3-5 minutes before it’s done cooking, as well as an extra spoonful when serving. It was so good that suddenly everyone wanted this sauce and didn’t want cow’s milk cheese anymore and I had to make sure that I have enough left for me 😛

You only need two ingredients:

  • Pure white almond butter (you can definitely find it in the health food store)
  • Nutritional yeast (you can find this in the health food store, in Veganz or online)


The only other things you need are water for mixing, and salt and pepper. I always use 1-2 spoons of almond butter per person, you have to estimate yourself how much you need. Here, for example, I used 2 good tablespoons of almond butter and about 1 heaped spoon of nutritional yeast. That’s definitely enough for me and my boyfriend. I then mix the two ingredients and gradually add a little bit of water. In the beginning, the whole thing may seem quite thick, but just keep stirring and add a little water at a time! At some point, the sauce becomes mega creamy and as soon as it has the right consistency for you, you can add salt and pepper to taste.

The sauce goes with a variety of dishes. As mentioned above it is perfect as a pizza cheese or generally for gratin (do not put it on for the whole baking time, but just before the end or right when the pizza or vegetables come out of the oven), for noodles, roasted or baked vegetables, as a salad Dressing, as a dip, for lasagna, there are so many ways to use this sauce!

Edit: I usually just pour the sauce over the hot dish. In contrast to my cashew sauce I rarely let it simmer with the rest of the dish.

easiest and best vegan cheese sauce

Again in the video (from minute 5:39, in German) I also showed how I mix the sauce. As you can see that the whole thing is a bit lumpy at the beginning, but just keep on stirring and it becomes mega creamy! Super easy, but that’s why I wanted to share the recipe with you:

The recipe is not completely my invention. The combination of almond butter and nutritional yeast has been on the internet for ages. But many of you did not know the recipe yet, so I wanted to share it here on the blog 🙂

The sauce is not cheap though since almond butter (rightly so) is very expensive. But I use only a few spoons, which, if you make it every so often, should not make a big a hole in your budget. My third cheese sauce variant should be the most cost-effective version. I hope you guys are excited for it!

easiest vegan cheese sauce

As always, I look forward to your comments, inquiries, additions and, of course, news, if you also try the recipe! Have you already tried my cashew sauce?


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    1. Oh ja, das schmeckt dann trotzdem, ist aber leider nicht so cremig. Mit meinem Mixer muss ich das gar nicht mehr einweichen, aber vielleicht probiere ich das nochmal mit einweichen, dann ist meine Soße NOCH cremiger, yummmmm

  1. Hallo liebe Mia! Danke für dein tolles Rezept!! Hab die Sauce zum Schluss mit ein wenig Zwiebelpulver und einer Messerspitze Tomatenmark gepimpt und mit ein wenig Mandelcreme glattgerührt… es hat so so toll geschmeckt!! Wie richtige Käsesauce!!
    Die kommt auf jeden Fall zu meinen Favorites

  2. Ich weiß nicht, was ich falsch gemacht habe. Für mich schmeckt es total nach einer würzigen Marzipansauce und nicht nach Käse
    Liegt es wohl an der braunen Mandelcreme?

    1. puh, das kann sein! Hab das nie mit brauner gemacht um ehrlich zu sein, guter Hinweis! Also bei uns schmeckt es immer super und nie nach Marzipan, muss also das sein!