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Hi, here is Mia, Psychologist, PR consultant and blogger from Berlin. Happy that you stop by in my blog! I founded heylilahey in 2010 when I saw all those fashionable people during New York fashion week. I got inspired and wanted to be part of the world. It really took off two years ago when I moved to Berlin and met lots of other bloggers, worked with brands and attended events.
However, after a while I did not feel comfortable with the typical blogger cliche: shopping at Zara all the time and showing new clothing everyday and celebrating consumerism unconsciously.
To learn to adapt a more sustainable shopping behavior I did a 6 months shopping ban. After that I became more and more interested in fair fashion and sustainable shopping.

I will never be able to live 100% sustainable, that’s just not very realistic for me (right now) but I am trying my best on this blog to show you that a mindful, environmental friendly and fair fashion lifestyle can be chic, affordable and easy to accomplish.

My DIY projects: https://heylilahey.com/category/diy/

My fair fashion posts: https://heylilahey.com/category/fair-fashion/

Disclaimer: I always mark or describe products that are PR samples, so I got them for free and unconditionally for testing. Paid collaborations are always directly and clearly marked. Some links can be affiliate links, which means I get a percentage of the sale price (you no longer pay, it’s just a way for me to get commission from the online store you shop at). I have marked them as well in each case.

Get in touch: miaheylila@gmail.com