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I was the typical snoozer for a long time. I let the alarm ring for about an hour at 9-minute intervals and I would keep hitting the snooze button. Eventually I climbed groggily and much too late out of bed. Since I got up too late I also never managed to have a healthy breakfast and then head to my first appointment or to the laptop even though I was still not quite awake.

It was no wonder that I was exhausted in the evening and then getting up the next morning was even harder. It was not always like that because I actually like the quiet time in the morning. I can work well in the morning and I love it to get a lot done before noon. Then I need a short siesta in the afternoon and can continue working pretty well in the evening.

But for such a full, productive day I need a good night’s sleep and a good start to the morning. A dramatic change, no matter what it is, usually doesn’t work for me, so I have changed my morning routine gradually and very slowly. I’m not a perfect role model or perfect Instagram girl who gets up at 5, makes pancakes or a fancy smoothie bowl every morning, then goes jogging for an hour, then meditates, does yoga, and then takes the bike to work. No, that’s not my goal at all and I don’t believe that it’s realistic for many life situations…Instead, I’ve incorporated small, mindful moments, changed my evening routine up a bit and managed to stop hitting the snooze button slowly but surely!

I’m not trying to convince you to get up 2 hours earlier. Instead, I’d like to provide some inspiration on how to make the morning more attentive and beautiful! As I said, the steps I have taken have been gradual and I didn’t change “over night” (haha). Today I will show you how to have a Mindful Morning in the hope that you will like it and maybe it will help you. Here it is:


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