easiest vegan cheese sauce

This blogpost is also available in German (auf Deutsch)

As promised, today I am posting my second vegan cheese recipe (my first vegan cheese recipe was with cashews and a bit more advanced). Today’s recipe is sooooo simple and incredibly delicious.

I think this one is super delicious, almost my favorite and so far everyone has loved it too! For example, this summer I made while on a countryside trip with friends (it’s super easy, you’ll notice in the recipe). Because we all made pizza together and I did not want to use fake cheese i made myself a thick version of the almond cheese sauce and put it onto the pizza 3-5 minutes before it’s done cooking, as well as an extra spoonful when serving. It was so good that suddenly everyone wanted this sauce and didn’t want cow’s milk cheese anymore and I had to make sure that I have enough left for me 😛

You only need two ingredients: (more…)

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