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Thank you for your super positive feedback on my blog post “Switch to natural cosmetics“. In general, I received a lot of positive feedback and noticed how much you are interested in the topic in general and that you all want many more guides in the direction! I think I received the most questions about the best natural Mascara.

Either they smudge, do not hold or crumble. As with conventional mascaras, finding the perfect product is not that easy! To make it even harder, there are no perfectly natural waterproof mascaras, at least to my knowledge. Nevertheless, I have found a few alternatives that I think are really great! A small disclaimer: just because it works for me, doesn’t mean that the mascara is also perfect for you. I only share my favorites, but as with creams or oils they might not be perfect for everyone. In addition, I have received most of the products as PR samples, but then bought most of them myself when the samples were empty. So I’m not sure how to mark the post. But I have explained it again next to each product. This post also contains affiliate links. You can find out what that means at the bottom.

Here are my absolute favorite natural cosmetic Mascaras:

Naturkosmetik Mascaras

1. NUI Cosmetics (Affiliate Link): The mascara comes with a short brush, which I personally like a lot because I can work with it better than with long, thin brushes! The mascara is easy to apply and produces thick, long eyelashes without sticking. The consistency is relatively firm, but not clumpy or crumbly. The mascara is very easy to remove (for example, with these products, or with oils) and lasts the entire day, it doesn’t crumble under the eyes or settle into wrinkles or under the eyes. <it hardly smears when my eyes. A big drawback, however: it’s not so cheap and if I cry the mascara burns my eyes! Unfortunately, I do not know where that comes from, but if you cry a lot or your eyes water a lot, the mascara might not be right for you. But otherwise, the mascara doesn’t cause any irritations, and a huge plus it is 100% vegan! You can order the mascara here. I received it as a PR sample.

2. HIRO Cosmetics: Actually the same product as the NUI Cosmetics one and also the same price. Here I have the same feedback as NUI Cosmetics! PR sample.

3. und Gretel (Affiliate Link): This has been one of my absolute favorites for some time! It is easy to apply, I can layer it, it gives good volume, has a nice dark color and lasts the whole day (but not waterproof!). The consistency is again a perfect mix of liquid and solid. Unfortunately, this mascara is not vegan and very high priced – unfortunately, because I it a lot! The ingredients are very high quality, as well as the packaging and the design. PR sample and then repurchased twice.

4. Alverde Sensitive Mascara: the absolute value for money winner in my opinion! Normally I don’t have much luck with mascara from the drugstore, but with I really found a favorite here! It has the perfect consistency, gives me fast and easy long, dense, curved eyelashes AND holds really well! For example, I wore it every day during Fashion Week in almost 30 degree weather and it never crumpled, smeared or anything like that. Even if I tear a little bit, it does not smudge (I think the eyeliner from the same line is just as good). It can also be removed easily. With many mascaras from the drugstore, I have the problem that they can be very difficult to remove and somehow spreads like wax on the skin. Not with this one! The mascara is not water resistant, but as I said holds well. Another bonus, it doesn’t burns the eyes at all. For the price of 3.95 euros and the fact that it is vegan, I can absolutely recommend it! It may not provide any Wawuuumm eyelashes, but I think the effect is great! I think it was a PR sample, I’m not sure, but I’ve already bought a new one!

5. Diazo Organics Mascara: Here you will again find a great price for the performance. At 14.95 euros, it is ok in terms of price when it comes to natural cosmetics because it holds quite a long time and contains high quality ingredients without alcohol. What you will notice first of all: it smells pretty strong of chocolate, which I find somehow funny! It holds well on the eyelashes, but is not quite as good as Alverde’s. Here I also find it important that the concealer under the eye is not too oily, or at least a bit powdered. Unfortunately it is not vegan. PR sample.

6. Lily Lolo Mascara (Affiliate Link): This mascara lasted a long time for me! Again, very easy and pleasant to apply, no sticking, no spider eyelashes and a nice, dark color! But I can not layer with this one, otherwise my eyelashes start to stick. Another disadvantage: at the beginning a lot of product sticks on the brush and also when you open it. But after a few applications it improves for some reason! Unfortunately it’s not so cheap, but vegan and very high quality! It does not sound all that perfect, but I like the effect when it’s used properly, so I wanted to mention it! Not a PR sample, purchased ages ago.

Not yet tested: Ecocert certified, waterproof mascara by Avril! Here you can find a review! As well as the Lengthening Mascara from 100% Pure. Of course, as soon as I’ve tested this, I’ll report back to you.

Do you have any more questions? Which natural cosmetics mascara is your favorite, or are you still looking for the perfect natural cosmetics mascara?

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