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I did not think that I would be one of those people who shares their engagement story with the whole world. As you know, I am relatively private when it comes to my relationship and family. I do sometimes share videos on YouTube, where my boyfriend (and now fiancé <3) Jesse appears and I often mention him here on the blog. But you will hardly find any photos of him and me, or posts about our relationship online. I don’t have any rules about what I keep private and what I do not, I just do it according to feeling, and share what feels good to me and don’t share what does not. And of course it’s also important what content Jesse feels comfortable with, as he is reluctant to be in front of the camera 🙂

But today it feels good to share one of our best moments together! On Instagram, I have already shared our engagement with you, as well as a short caption with the backstory. I think the Instagram post was the most popular on my channel ever : P I could only give a very brief version of the story on Instagram. Here on the blog I have more space 🙂 And in advance: things never happen are you plan it, but often they turn out for the better: (more…)

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