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You know, I have a very specific interior style. I love boho, but I don’t like it too colorful. When the Scandi style was huge, I had zero interest in it and I started making macramé years ago. At the same time a lot of my furniture is second hand or homemade. So I couldn’t tell you a specific interior store that completely covers my personal style

That’s why I like to create lists, like today’s, that show you different stores and brands. I have already presented some nice interior brands here and here. Today I want show you my favourite Etsy shops, because I’ve a big fan of this site for a long time. Here you can find everything when it comes to handmade stuff, vintage treasures and Eco Living. Not all products are 100% sustainable and fair, but you will definitely shop from smaller stores, support small business and avoid big chains.

Favorite #1: A Bohemian’s Attic

I have been a fan of Jenny’s curated selection of vintage furniture and accessories for a long time. She selects all pieces herself and ships from Berlin. Her store is a boho dream and it’s best to check back regularly because every piece is of course unique. Here are a few of my favorites:


Woodek Design

Woodek Design is a family-run Finnish design company. All products are made of high quality, timeless and responsible materials. All products are made by craftsmen in Europe.


Wordly and Wild

Beautiful prints and pictures are a must for a cosy apartment, I think. They also change the atmosphere and style of a home quickly in a simple and inexpensive way. I found nice options at Worldy & Wild, again a small, family-run business.


Naan Furniture

I have already introduced Naan Furniture to you a few times. The company from Spain uses sustainable wood and focuses on timeless designs that still have a nice boho touch.


Blooming Seed

I recommend that you either collect flowers and dry them yourself, buy them in a local store or at a local market. But if if that’s not possible for you, you will definitely find what you are looking for on Etsy. Just search for “dried flowers” and your own location. A store in Stuttgart definitely has a nice selection!


A pretty shop from England is Wildflowers Living:


Türgriffe & mehr

Small parts that have a huge impact are new door handles for cabinet doors, drawers, etc. We buy a lot of furniture second hand, but we love to exchange the old handles for new, modern ones. Currently I am a big fan of the bronze look, because it immediately gives old vintage pieces a modern look. Two of my favorite stores on Etsy are Shop Meraki and Plank Hardware.

Shop Meraki:


Plank Hardware:


Monnarita Shop

Here, all bamboo and rattan lovers will get their money’s worth! The pieces at Monnarita are new pieces and not vintage items and are all made in Indonesia, so they are not as cheap as second-hand finds. The say the rattan material comes from responsible plantations. In addition, the store owners make the furniture themselves in cooperation with a small family business.



A Boho carpet is of course the jewel in every home. But it’s not so easy to find the perfect piece. Either the quality is not good, or the price is too high. But on Etsy you will find a huge selection. So that you don’t have to go search through all of etsy, I found the store Vintage Come Rug for you. The reviews are very good and the designs are completely my taste.


Ladybug 84 Crafts

The store Ladybug 84 Crafts from Portugal is also a true boho dream! Here you can find vintage furniture and handmade Boho furniture.


The Basket Room

Last But Not Least I would like to introduce The Basket Shop, which offers fair trade baskets. We have what feels like 30 baskets and I love them! I recommend that you look for second hand baskets, buy them in small boutiques, visit Atisan Home, or search for fair trade products on Etsy:


I hope this blog post was helpful for you. If you are looking for specific special pieces, let me know and I will create part two 🙂

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  1. Liebe Mia,
    danke für deine Etsy Shop Empfehlungen. Habe mir “BloomingSeed” erstmal direkt unter meinen Favoriten Shops abgespeichert. Ich liebe Trockenblumen, die passen einfach das ganze Jahr ins Interior.
    Vielen Dank für deine tolle Empfehlung.
    Vllt. könntest du ja nochmal eine Zweite Empfehlrunde starten, wo du auch Küchenhelfer oder Ähnliches für einen Zero und Less Waste Haushalt vorstellst. Das wäre cool. 😉
    Ganz liebe Grüße nach England,

  2. Hallo Mia,
    Dankeschön für die vielen schönen Interior Shop Empfehlungen.
    Hättest du auch Empfehlungen für Keramik oder Steingut Geschirr – Teller, große und kleine Bowls…?
    Denn ich schaue seit Tagen im Internet und bin mir nie so richtig sicher ob die Unternehmen nachhaltig oder wenigstens kleine Unternehmen sind.
    Grüße Alexandra