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Ill-fitting underwear – I think all of us have experienced it: a waistband that pinch, straps that cut in, marks after wearing your bra, too small or too big cups…. it can be dramatic. On top of that, it’s not always easy to navigate the different sizes. Sometimes underwear is measured in cups, sometimes in S, M, L.

Buying underwear, especially online, is not easy. That’s why I’m shedding a little light on it with Organic Basics, which is expanding its size selection in 2022:

  • Measuring your body: For almost any underwear online shop, you need to measure your chest circumference, as well as your underbust, waist and hips. Body size also helps. It’s not always pleasant to measure yourself and assign numbers to your body. But unfortunately, that’s what helps the most when ordering online.
  • Choosing the right shape: By now, I know what shape suits me best: Hipster panties as well as bralettes. For example, I rarely wear bras with underwire anymore. With bralettes, I like it when they have a slight triangle cut. How do you choose the right shape? It’s best to look at what you’ve worn most in the past. Here often only trying out different styles or looking at models with similar body shapes helps.
  • Choose the right material: Soft organic cotton, Tencel or linen mix are the softest materials for the skin. They are breathable, good for sensitive skin and also sustainable and durable. I personally choose polyester only for activewear, or if sensitive areas are then lined with cotton or other natural materials. My underpants, for example, are almost all seamless panties, often made of polyester (mostly recycled). But the crotch area is always lined with organic cotton.
  • Check out the size finder or size chart on the website: If the online underwear shop doesn’t have a detailed size chart on the product page, then honestly, don’t bother! When it comes to underwear, you simply have to pick the perfect size and for that you need a size finder. At Organic Basics, for example, you can find the appropriate size chart on each product page in the product description. By the way, if you are more into classic bras with underwires, or just want to calculate your correct cup size, then I can highly recommend this cup calculator!
  • Contact customer service: If you are still unsure after following the steps above, don’t just order away, but contact customer service. This is also part of Slow Fashion: By making a more thoughtful shopping decision, the chance increases that the garment will fit when it arrives and doesn’t need to be exchanged. Returns and exchanges are very inefficient: Transport costs are added, storage costs, and this of course translates to an increased CO2 footprint. Since I have my own fashion label, I know how impractical returns are on all levels. Therefore, rather have one more email exchange with customer service and thus a bit more security when ordering 🙂
  • Try on at home:
    • Bralette Fit: The underbust band should fit evenly against your torso, it shouldn’t ride up your back. The front of the band should lie flat against the chest, especially in the middle between the breasts. The straps should rest lightly against the shoulders, with enough room to slide a finger between the fabric and skin. They shouldn’t cause marks, but they also shouldn’t be too loose or fall off your shoulders. On the back, the straps should form a straight line without bulging.
    • Underpants: the waistband should be snug at the waist or around the hips, but not too tight. If the waistband is too tight, it can pinch painfully. It should fit flat without stretching too far.


As already mentioned, I have great news from Organic Basics:

During 2022, the size range of some of Organic Basics’ favorite styles will be expanded! The size expansion began in January with XXS, S+, M+, L+, and XXL for the Classic Bra as well as two new color options for the Organic Underwear Collection. The goal is to provide the Organic Basics community with a wider selection of underwear, activewear and base layers.

The new S+, M+ and L+ sizes are designed for customers who fall in between sizes. This is because Organic Basics’ size jumps were previously kept very generous to accommodate many different body shapes. But when it comes to details, like the ratio between underbust measurement and bust measurement, in-between sizes help you find the perfect fit. I had this challenge with Organic Basic bras: M was too big for me, S often too small. S+ now fits me perfectly because it has the underbust measurement of S, but the bust measurement of M!

The new size range and size guide should now make finding the perfect fit for underwear even easier. Not only does inclusivity play a role here, but also sustainability: choosing the right size means fewer returns and therefore lower CO2 emissions, as mentioned earlier.

On top of this, I also have a great discount code for you:

With the discount code MIAOB you get 10% off all products in the Organic Basics Shop!

In addition, there is a no-waste sale on Organic Basics from February 19 to 28, where there is 40% off some of the popular, but unfortunately discontinued models. So with my personal discount, I can offer you a total of 50% off during this period if you combine my discount code with the 40% off styles. Of course, with great discount promotions like this, I always want to remind you to only buy what you need 🙂 #ChooseWell!

In the product descriptions of the newly expanded sizes, for example the Classic Bra, you will also find a lot of information in the Size Guide to help you make your choice. Chest circumference, underbust band and cup size. This is how it looks:

Some personal words: Believe it or not, all photos in this blogpost are self-portraits. Photos in underwear are still a bit difficult for me since my body has changed so much. Unfortunately, I can only link the weight gain to negative experiences, which is why I have such a hard time feeling comfortable in my “new” body. But that’s why I’ve felt most comfortable shooting with full control.

In terms of fit, a soft waistband is super important to me. So in terms of bottoms, I currently prefer a very generous cut. Bras should still fit “perfectly” though, so not too tight and not too wide. Therefore, I am very grateful about the intermediate sizes, because I could find a bra that does not pinch and tweak, despite new, unfamiliar body shape. So flattering cuts and soft fabric are currently the most important for me when it comes to choosing clothes that I feel comfortable in.

The Size Expansion Starts Now

This is really amazing news from Organic Basics, but this is just the beginning. XXL and XXS are a great expansion, as well as the in-between sizes. But I’m sure there are some of you who are still missing something: either a specific smaller or larger size, possibly more options, more varieties, more products – the expansion is not finished. Organic Basics is working to constantly expand the range. Since I have my own fashion label, I know that something like this is only sustainable when it is done step by step and feedback from the community is super important.

So let me know here in the comments: 

  • What does comfort mean to you?
  • When do you feel most comfortable?
  • Feel free to share your personal thoughts and stories about feeling comfortable in your own body, finding the right underwear and the right size.
  • Also feel free to share what exactly you want from companies like Organic Basics to make you feel more comfortable when choosing and wearing underwear – always feel free to share your feedback 🙂

By the way – In the pictures I am wearing:

  • Organic Cotton Classic Bra – Super comfortable fit, provides support without any underwire or push-up, flattering shape, and relatively wide straps.
  • Organic Cotton Super High-Rise Briefs – These are really super high-rise, so they don’t stop at the belly button, but really all the way to the waist.

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  1. Heyhey, der Artikel beschreibt richtig gut, worauf es beim online Unterwäsche shoppen ankommt. Danke! Ich war bisher eher verhalten beim online BH-Shoppen. Habe früher ewig gebraucht beim Aussuchen und seitdem ich eine Marke habe, die passt, kaufe ich die immer wieder. Leider ist die nicht organic :/

    Kannst du vielleicht nochmal was sagen zu der Return Policy der Firma, falls ein Teil trotzdem nicht passt? Ich habe in mehreren Artikeln gelesen, dass viele online Unternehmen beim Umtausch einfachhalber Anziehsachen wegschmeißen anstatt sie wieder anzubieten. Das wär ja 0 nachhaltig. Weißt du da vielleicht was oder hast Erfahrungen gemacht?

    Liebe Grüße 🙂

    1. Liebe Katharina, danke für deinen lieben Kommentar! Verstehe, dass du an einer Lieblingsmarke festhältst. In Sachen Unterwäsche ist das nicht immer so einfach mit der Auswal.

      Bezüglich deiner Frage – ich habe OB direkt gefragt und hier ist die Antwort der Firma (OB hat super schnell geantwortet, ich war nur langsam :D): “We completely understand the increased skepticism regarding the return policies within the fashion industry! After an item has been returned to our warehouse, the condition of the garment gets evaluated and divided into two different categories. The ones in perfect condition get restocked with the purpose of selling them again while the ones that are not suitable for resale will either be donated or used for sample sales. By doing so, we avoid having to dispose garments which ultimately makes sure that each one of them has a long and sustainable life.” – ich hoffe, das klärt deine Frage etwas? Danke nochmal!