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I hope you know of my love for the ethical and sustainable company Organic Basics. I love their seamless underwear, the comfortable bras and the durable and practical sportswear. That’s why I was all the more excited to read the latest news from the company: 

“Organic Basics is launching their first second layer collection” – that means Organic Basics goes Fashion! Finally there are shirts available from one of my favorite brands!

To show you all the details of the new collection, I decided to pair them with some more items from Organic Basics: 


From the new campaign, I chose:

As always I have a personal discount code for you. This code is MIAOBX this time and you get a 10% discount. But let’s start from the beginning:

About Organic Basics:

Organic Basics started out with minimalist underwear – and with sustainability at the core of the company. From the very beginning, the focus was on sustainable materials, responsible and transparent production and durable fashion. As I have been working with Organic Basics for two years now, I have tested their products for a long time and can report back on this: so far all my items still look (almost) completely like new! My sport leggings, my bra, my t-shirts are all still in top condition, even though I wear them often. At the very most you can notice that they have been washed. Thanks to the timeless designs of the pieces they will never go out of fashion. So you’ll probably think: “With underwear and basics it’s not hard, of course!” – But as mentioned, Organic Basics has now released Ready to Wear products for the first time:

Shirt Collection:

It consists of a versatile and high quality selection of organic cotton shirts, with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, buttons made from recycled hemp, reinforced pockets on the Oxford overshirt and Oxford long shirt, French stitching on the inside seams for increased durability and the items are produced in Portugal!

I love the way Organic Basics takes care of even the smallest details like buttons. But I love exactly this attention to detail, like choosing the right button for a sustainable alternative to new plastic!

But now about the Look & Feel:

The Oxford Long Shirt is more of a dress, very long, loose and fortunately with pockets! I love pockets on dresses! I also wear the shirt as a “cardigan” over jeans and a T-shirt, as a dress, or as a button up and partly tucked into the pants. The cut is very flattering, although the shirt fits very loosely and wide.

The Oxford Overshirt is a bit like a thin jacket. The cut is very neutral and a little bit boxy, so without a defined waistline. So you can wear it like a normal blouse, or as an extra layer over a longsleeve or t-shirt. The fabric is a bit tighter, but feels very comfortable.

Comfy Tencel

You haven’t seen any Tencel items on me yet, but you won’t believe how soft they are! The Tencel bralette is also the most comfortable and at the same time most flattering soft bra I own! Many of my other bras are super comfortable to wear, but they don’t offer a nice shape on me personally. Others, which give a little more shape, don’t feel as soft. Or they are simply sports bras and not fine underwear. This one is simply amazing! I wear S, although otherwise I would usually wear M. So if you are between two sizes, you can choose the smaller one for a sexy look. The bra should still fit well.

I would wear the Tencel shorts outside in summer as well 🙂 They are super soft, the color is a dream and I just know how comfortable and durable Tencel (with the right care!) is! Don’t the shorts look absolutely cute?


What do you think of the new Second Layer collection? Are you also Organic Basics fans, like me? What are your experiences with the brand?

PS: Don’t forget my voucher: MIAOBX for 10% off on Organic Basics.


Here a few more impressions:

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