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Couch potato – yes, when it comes to sports, I am lazy! Me, who years ago had “sporty” in her Instagram bio. Who played in the National Lacrosse League, who was in the gym every freaking day for a while, who posted workout videos and tips on my blog….

Now during the pandemic, the laziness when it comes the sport is at an all time high. I was still motivated and followed online workout videos at the start of the first lockdowns. But at some point I realized (as many others did) that this pandemic will be with us for a very long time. The motivation to let my life take place online (Zoom birthdays, online meetings, etc.) significantly dropped very quickly. Ditto with all the app and online workouts. I’m just a person who works out best in classes, with a team, or in small groups (at least two). Because I’m also into the interactive part of working out, not just into being fit.

Also, and this is the first time I’m sharing this online: I’ve realized that doing yoga regularly just isn’t for me. After YEARS, I’m finally admitting it to myself. I personally love yoga, continue to do it every now and then, but my body definitely doesn’t like it as a main sport. My joints, hips and muscles are more likely to benefit from sports like barre or Pilates or classic bodyweight workouts. That was also a huge realization that I had in the last few months.

So, how do I get rid of this “sports laziness”? With cute clothes? Haha, no, it’s not that simple. That would be nice. But of course I am happy about my new sets from Organic Basics. You guys know what a big fan I am of Organic Basics. And for all of you who are looking for sustainable underwear, basics or sportswear, Organic Basics is the right brand for you.

Two years ago I already introduced you to Activewear by Organic BasicsNow I have the great honor to test a few new products from the Activewear line:

With OBXMIA you receive a 10% discount!


All items are sweat-wicking, breathable and made from recycled materials. I ordered the colors Black and Dusty Rose, because I wanted to test the muted rosé color for you. I really tried to recreate sporty outfits and poses. But since I am currently more casual and not so sporty in my everyday life, I have also styled an everyday outfit with blazer and handbag. You can see those pics at the bottom of the post.

Active Crop Top, Bra & Bike Shorts

The set is super comfortable to wear, what more can I say? The material is soft, has a very gentle stretch, no noticeable seams and feels comfortably against the skin. Nothing itches or pulls. The bike shorts even have a small mini pocket in the back to safely store a key, for example.

I also did a little test run, as unathletic as I am at the moment, a little run is enough for me to break a sweat 😀 But it was also over 27 degrees, to be fair 😀 Again, the products have met all my expectations. 

Size feedback

I wear the shorts in M-L and they fit perfectly. I ordered the bra in M-L, but smaller would have fit me better (luckily you can easily exchange at Organic Basics). Still, the bra held everything in place, but if I do more intense sports, I would really need a smaller size for optimal support. But the downside is that the smaller size might be too small for me. Because so far there are “only” the sizes XS-S, M-L and XL-XXL. For me, a “real” M would probably fit best. So if in doubt, I would suggest reaching out to the customer love team and asking for advice by sharing the body measurements. They will happily share sizing advice so you don’t have to go through the hassle of maybe ordering the wrong size and returning it (less returns means also less resources for transportation, an important factor when it comes to sustainable fashion). 

Color selection

Black is a no-brainer, always looks good, especially for sports and, as you can see below, can also be combined wonderfully in everyday life. On top of this I also wanted to try Dusty Rose. The somewhat grayish pink is just beautiful and one of my favorite colors in general! Unfortunately, however, this color on me often looks as if I had forgotten to put my shorts on 😀 I’m just usually too pale for this tone! Online there are also the colors Dusty Blue, Burgundy and Olive available, which I think look beautiful on all skin tones. I think it’s only the Dusty Rose that can look a bit too pale on skin tones like mine. Therefore, I have shot many photos with the Dusty Rose products so you can decide for yourselves.

And have I now transformed into a jock after wearing my new Organic Basics Active Wear products? No, Organic Basics has no sporty overnight guarantee 😀 But it definitely motivates me to be more active again. My plans are just to swim more, go hiking and do smaller runs in our park. I also want to do barre regularly again as soon as I can. This sort of exercise is simply the best for my hips, as it combines flowing movements with strength building.

But what Organic Basics has is the feel-good guarantee: the activewear makes me feel good because it looks chic, but also because I can wear it with a clear conscience:

In case you don’t know Organic Basics that well yet:

Organic Basics is a carbon neutral brand based in Copenhagen that makes underwear, activewear and everyday essentials. The clothes are made ethically in Europe from organic, recycled and eco-friendly materials. As a certified B corp and member of 1% for the Planet, Organic Basics supports a wide range of environmental projects with every purchase, helping to restore biodiversity, empower vulnerable communities and combat climate change.

In their activewear, the company uses a lot of recycled nylon: It takes 80% less water to make recycled nylon and produces 90% fewer CO2 emissions than creating new, virgin nylon. The activewear is made in Portugal, the Invisible Line is made in Turkey, and the hosiery are made in Italy. A few more key points about Activewear:

  • suitable for all types of low to moderate impact workouts
  • made from recycled materials
  • sweat-wicking
  • breathable and stretchy
  • seamless knit for comfort and durability
  • Made in an SA8000-certified factory that supports socially responsible initiatives like fair wages, free transportation, training programs, educational scholarships and more
  • Designed in Denmark, ethically manufactured in Apulia, Portugal


Organic Basic: Environmental Impact

  • The company only works with trusted, certified factory partners. Those that share the same vision: to continually reduce their environmental footprint. These partners ensure that their workplaces are free of child and forced labor, that their workers have job security, that they receive a living wage, and that they offer their employees perks like free lunch and childcare.
  • To measure its environmental footprint, Organic Basics uses an Impact Index – a tool that measures the true cost of fashion across the supply chain, from water usage to energy consumption and chemicals to carbon footprint.
  • The company also established an Organic Basics Fund to combat climate change, restore biodiversity and protect vulnerable communities. This involves directly funding people, groups and projects that address environmental issues and social justice.
  • Organic Basics has also launched a Low Impact website. Data requires energy, and the more data it takes to load a website, the more the internet becomes a place with a huge environmental impact. With the eco-friendly website, they reduce data transfer by up to 70% compared to the normal Organic Basics website. You can check out the Low Impact website here.

I think now you know why I can wear the activewear with a clear conscience 🙂 As mentioned above you get 10% off with my discount code OBXMIA!

Also, I wanted to share my lifestyle outfit with you:


The blazer and bag are second hand, the top & shorts are from Organic Basics.

How about you? Are you currently very sporty, like me rather lazy thanks to pandemic fatigue, kinda-sporty or is the topic not so important for you anyway? If you have tips on how to get out of the “sports laziness”, I would be very happy to know about it!

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