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Fair Fashion Fridays are BACK!!! Yay!

After a long break, we are finally back with shopping tips from my favorite sustainable, fair and/or independent brands. From makeup tips, fashion trends to interior inspiration, everything will be covered.

But I really needed the break. For one thing, I’ve already explained here why the year 2021 was just sh…. for me. Somehow everything happened all at once, not just our private problems, but also struggles with the business, with the move, with the house, really everything seemed hard and was full of issues! And of course the pandemic plus lockdowns etc. didn’t make any of it any better. 

So it’s been a bit quieter around me in general. Also on the blog! But my blog has been with me for over 12 years now though, so that constant is really good for me and actually the most fun. And what is a better occasion than to revive the Fair Fashion Friday blogposts with a romantic styling post?!

I have included, of course, a dress from my own label. It would a bit silly really, if I wouldn’t also include my own brand tiija in these posts 😀

I’ve put together a look that you could call comfy romantic and of course it is Valentine’s Day inspired. The boho dress looks really pretty and flattering when worn. The black color can be easily softened with a beige cardigan, red accents and subtle makeup. The red accents add something special to the look. All the products shown above are linked here:


Other than that, I’m not a big Valentine’s Day fan. For me, the day is not really that special. We celebrate our anniversary a week before anyway, and then our wedding anniversary again in June (and my husband’s birthday at the end of February). So I don’t need an extra day in February to celebrate love. Not to mention all the consumerism surrounding the day. But other than that, I think a fancy dinner is always cute! 

Do you do anything special on Valentine’s Day? Or do you rather celebrate a Galentine’s Day? 

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