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Oooooh a first little glimpse into our furnished new house! In this blogpost I already gave you a little tour of the empty house and here you can find a whole video of our move.

The first room we finished is our office. We both work from home at the moment and even though Jesse is completely happy with the sofa and dining table, I desperately needed a designated work corner. My old desk didn’t fit into the new room, so we had to sell it. Unfortunately, no only because it gave me so much working space, but was also adjustable in height and super practical. However, our house is smaller than our old apartment (which is perfectly fine, I’d rather downsize than having to “fill” a house now) and so we had to come up with a different solution. 2-in-1 pieces of furniture are the best choice for a small living space.

That’s why I had the idea to get a ladder table like this, which is also a shelf, saves space and can possibly be used differently in the future.

We found the table at Futon Company (unfortunately only available in the UK, self paid, no sponsorship). It’s been a few weeks since we bought it so I have been able test it for several weeks. Read my detailed review below.

We needed a pull-out sofa in case we ever get guests again 😛 The office is the only room where visitors can sleep (except in the living room, but our living space downstairs is completely open concept).

We brought the big wooden cabinet from Berlin. It is originally from MYCS (self paid, no cooperation!), but I have to say that I cannot recommend the service very much. The cupboard is great, amazing quality, but it took forever to arrive after I placed me order. This would not have been a problem in itself, but it came later than I was told it would and I didn’t receive any updates after the original delivery time had come and passed. I had to ask several times if there was a new delivery date or for any sort of updates. I had to wait 10 weeks instead of the promised 4-6, so updates would have been nice without me having to ask. Then two doors arrived damaged and two drawers were missing, and the complaint process did not go very smoothly either. At this price I expected more. I also have to say that this piece of furniture is one of the few self-configured, expensive pieces of furniture I have ever bought, actually the only one so far. Maybe my expectations were just too high.

I bought the carpet at Weaver Green. It is made of recycled plastic bottles and I had actually bought it for the terrace. But the garden weather is over now, so I couldn’t test it outside yet. During winter it will stay here in the study for now.

Here are a few similar ones (Affiliate Link, see below what that means):


About the desk:

The idea was great: a small table, just to work on, plus two shelves, enough space. My old table was always too full and cluttered. If I need a lot of space for certain projects, I could use the dining table. But unfortunately I didn’t measure everything very well. The table is too low for me. I sit at it in a strange way, a bit bent over when I use my laptop. I could also use my screen, but then the space is really limited. I will definitely test the whole set up with a screen though.

BUT I really miss the function of my old standing desk. From an ergonomic point of view, I need a mix between sitting, standing and also lounging on the sofa. For this table, I thought about putting the screen on a shelf and put a box on the table for the mouse and keyboard. But that again destroys the look…

Anyway, I’m a bit annoyed that I shopped too fast instead of measuring the ergonomically perfect height etc. I just was in the mindset of finally getting something done and getting a room ready to work in.

My idea now is to either sell the table or move it to another place in the house and maybe buy another one that I found online. It is also height adjustable, but minimalistic, small and chic, but unfortunately very expensive. But it is worth it if it’s beneficial for my health! Then I can use my height-adjustable chair again, which you see in the pictures! What do you think?

By the way, you can find a video about our boho study makeover here on YouTube:






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