Friday December 23rd, 2011

Blouse, vintage. Shorts, Mango.

I went to a veggie restaurant the other day with mainly vegan dishes with actually fake meat. It is made out of Tofu and/or Seitan and you will read stuff like “Shrimps”, “Duck” and “Chicken” on the menu! I know, I have some Bremen readers, you should really check it out, the link is here and it is called Vegefarm. I was skeptical at first, because I don’t like the idea of faking meat, but the food, the place and the service convinced me to go back 🙂
I had a rose and date tea, tempura and the Duck Ginseng and my boyfriend had a curry with tofu and banana. His was more delicious, yum yum! You see the food pics after the jump!

I was wearing my black blouse that functions as a dress, too. I bought it in a vintage store in San Francisco. I love finds like these!



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