Thursday September 22nd, 2011
red pants in NY

Pants, H&M. Bag, Aldo. Bra, Victoria’s Secret. Shoes, Bronx. Shirt, Lolita.

This was my last day in NYC. We went to the peacefood cafe (great vegan food, so yummy!!!!), visited the Museum of Photography and did a last stop at Times Square. I love this city, and even though I am in beautiful California now, I miss Manhattan so much and want to go back now 🙂 Maybe also because the weather is not the best here in SoCal…Luckily I think I will have a chance to go back to the city in October!
I had a great time at Fashion Week. It was an exciting and fun experience, I hope I can re-experience again!


PS: I did not think these pants would attract a lot of attention in NYC…apparently they even do there! They are such a great find, cheap, stretchy, comfy and stylish! Find them here (Germany) or here (USA)!


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