Friday July 10th, 2015
Fair Fashion Friday: green showroom discoveries

fff22Viel Fashionweek-Trubel gab es für mich nicht. Ich musste arbeiten und habe mich in meiner freien Zeit deshalb hauptsächlich auf dem Green Showroom herumgetrieben, um alte Bekannte wieder zu treffen und ein paar neue Brands kennenzulernen. Insgesamt war ich nicht super-mega begeistert, da ich vieles noch etwas öko oder nicht jung fand vom Design her. Die Fair-Fashion-Welt wird immer cooler und entwickelt sich, aber eben Schritt für Schritt. Deshalb habe ich mir auf der Messe Zeit gelassen und habe mir alle Stände angeschaut. Da fanden sich dann neben den Brands, die ich eh schon kannte und liebe, noch einige neue, coole Designs, die ich klasse fand. Ein ganzer Bericht, in Video- und Textform, mit mehr Brands und mehr Eindrücken, folgt noch. Hier erst einmal ein paar Neuentdeckungen, die ich super spannend fand:

I did not go Berlin fashion week crazy as I had to work this week and I focused on sustainable brands during my free time. I visited the green showroom and was not really overwhelmed by much. All in all I have to say that lot of designs weren’t young and exciting in my eyes. The fair fashion world is growing and getting more modern and fashionable, but step by step. But I’ve met up with some brands I already love and I discovered some great new designs I didn’t hear of before that I wanted to share with you (a longer review in text and video form will follow soon as well!):

  1. Sweatshirt, RCM clothing – Hemp 55% & Organic Cotton 45% (I didn’t visit their booth, I just found a sticker from them somewhere and googled it! 🙂
  2. Dress, lovJoi – vegan, made in Germany out of organic cotton (kbA/GOTS) and their team was soooo nice!
  3. T-Shirt, Paala Design – the brand uses fabrics such as GOTS certified organic cotton, highly sustainable Tencel and naturally sustainable bamboo viscose. For printing they use waterbased inks that have little environmental impact and that are GOTS-certified. I already own this perfect shirt an you can see me wearing it here.
  4. Wide blouse, Elsien Gringhuis – made in holland, the designer focuses on designs with a long life span due to their quality.
  5. & 6. Bucket bags, Jentil bags – made out of cork, a vegan and very sustainable material (I already wrote about the use of cork in fashion here). Jentil bags and accessories are ethically made in Portugal as well as registered with the Vegan Society. The cork material feels really cool, hard but also at the same time spongy. Really looking forward to more designs by them!

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