Pants, H&M. Shirt, vintage. Bag, Asos. Shoes, Zara.
We had really weird weather the last Monday, it was not warm, not cold, not sunny not cloudy…We had days like that often this summer. And somehow it feels like summer is coming to an end soon, at least here in Germany, so sad 🙁
I bought this shirt dress last year in a vintage store in San Francisco. It’s a tiny bit too short in the front to just wear it as a dress, so I normally combine it with a skirt, shorts or skinny jeans. These red pants are a good option, too.

WHat are your plans for this week? I don’t have to work, so I am preparing my move to Berlin, going shopping a bit (not really, don’t really have the money right now) and cooking a lot. And tomorrow Jesse, my love, will come back from the States! Can’t wait!!!! 🙂



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