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Update: We have been twice to London now so I updated this list. Also I changed my mind about vegan options in London. In the past two years the plant based scene changed a lot and there are soooo many vegan options now in London. Especially Shoreditch is a vegan heaven. Even “normal” pubs serve numerous vegan dishes. Therefore the list for the best vegan spots in London grew enormously, too many to mention here on the blog. But I still wanted to share my experiences and recommendations with you (also check out my part I, my pub and café guide here):


Unity Diner

This restaurant was founded by Earthling Ed and its completely vegan! The menu offers soulfood galore – mac’n cheese, hot dogs and even no-fish tofu bites! I can recommend ordering several dishes to try a lot of different ones but then you have to bring a lunch box to pack all your leftovers 🙂 The food is super yummy but the dishes big and filling! 

Gallery Café

This café ist also 100% vegan (check out my vegan cafés guide as well but this one fit better in this list) and we came here especially for the vegan Full English Breakfast. This is just a dream dish for me and getting it all plant based is just amazing! The café is also non profit and a community cafe. 

Next time we also want to check out the food at Long Arm Pub & Brewery and at The Three Crowns Pub. Both are “normal” pubs but offer several vegan options. The Three Crowns Pub even offers special vegan dishes on their Meatless Mondays. 


Redemption (7-17 Euros per main dish)

This was our first stop almost right after we arrived in the city. We stayed in a small airbnb in Shoreditch, so first things first we wanted to explore this area. Unfortunately Cook Daily in Boxpark Shoreditch was closed when we were there, so we took our rental bikes to a different place: Redemption! This restaurant was a great first lunch spot for us in London as not only their food but also their interior won me over! There is also another location in Notting Hill.

Restaurants / Vegan in London Vegan in London Vegan in London Vegan in London

Dishoom Shoreditch (7-12 Euros per main)


On our first day we only explored Shoreditch. That’s why we ended up at the Indian restaurant Dishoom for dinner. We weren’t able to make a reservation there. Instead you usually wait 20-40 minutes at the bar and have a drink and / or snack. However, the time went by super fast and we were led into a sweet, but still lively corner. The food was really good and not as crazy expensive as I expected! Moreover, the restaurant has many vegan options. Dishoom also has 4 other locations.

Vegan in London london restaurant-2 london restaurant-5london restaurant-3 london restaurant-2-2

Farmacy Restaurant (around 16 Euros per main)


I would immediately go back here if I could: delicious, healthy food, which came super fast, which we were able to enjoy in a wonderfully decorated interior! Farmacy specializes in vegan and vegetarian dishes without any dairy products or refined sugars. I had the whole grain tagliatelle with mushroom sauce and arugula! Divine! However, the fresh noodles were a tad too al dente for me.

london restaurant-8-2london restaurant-11 london restaurant-8  

Bill’s Shoreditch Restaurant (11-13 Euros for a main) – CLOSED


Two nights later, on the last night of our trip, we decided again for a dinner in Shoreditch. This time we just walked around randomly in our area, until the menu but also the sweet interior of Bill’s Restaurant convinced us. Launched as a small, family-run café, there are now countless Bill’s venues throughout the UK. I had a vegan dhal and Jesse fish – a perfect place for vegans and non-vegans, although the vegan selection is unfortunately not very large. But my dish was very good and the restaurant is super cozy!

london restaurant-7-2 london restaurant-6-2 london restaurant-7

Neil’s Yard


Yes, you read correctly, I am recommending a whole backyard full of restaurants, haha 🙂 Jesse and I went to the Wild Food Café, since 26 grains right next to it was too crowded. Wild Food Café was a good choice, although I am not a big fan of raw food, so I wasn’t the biggest fan of my burger. Jesse loved it however! After that I discovered a third place, which also looked very good, but I can’t remember the name! So just check out Neil’s Yard, walk around a bit and just choose what you fancy the most!

london restaurant-1-3london restaurant-6


In between we were also in numerous cafes, where we often times had snacks. For more info about this do not miss my blog post about my favorite cafes and pubs in London as well!

Overall, I have to say that for me London is not a foodie paradise like New York or Berlin. But I am whining at a high level and we had a great time in the city! I miss London very much, I can never imagine living there, but still want to go back soon!  As I mentioned above, it changed a lot in only two years and it is definitely super vegan friendly now!

Have any of you ever been to London??? Are you a fan? And have you eaten vegan in London?

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  1. Das sind echt tolle Tipps, die ich mir gern für den nächsten London-Besuch merken werde 🙂 Ich war auch in Shoreditch als ich letztes Jahr in London war. Mich haben vor allem die Hipster-Cafes und Gebäck begeistert, ausserdem würde ich natürlich auch wahnsinnig gern mal im Ottolenghi-Restaurant essen gehen..
    Liebe Grüße,

    1. Shoreditch war echt eine coole Ecke! Wir haben es genossen, einfach umherzuspazieren und wie du die ganzen Cafés zu erkunden! Ich will unbedingt bald mal wieder zurück 🙂

  2. Hey Mia,
    Das hört sich echt alles mega lecker an!
    In Neils Yard war ich auch schon mal frühstücken, und zwar im Pride Kitchen, vielleicht meintest du ja das? Dort hab ich das beste vegane Jogurth gegessen, und suche heute noch nach der Marke in Deitschland, weil ich einfach kein vergleichbares mehr finde..
    Liebe Grüße!