A quick update from me: Together with my mom I’m enjoying a long weekend in Paris!

I actually took the train to the French capital, and the whole journey was a bit too exciting for me… Shortly after leaving Berlin, our train came to a halt, as some idiots laid concrete stones on the tracks so that the train got damaged. It was so bad that we continued on to Leipzig at super low speed and then had to get on a new train. Because of the train change I had to change again twice, until I finally arrived at my destination Mannheim. There I spent one night with friends and also met my mother who came from Switzerland! Of course, this exciting ride was not planned like that at all, I actually wanted to work in peace. Unfortunately, I had to cancel these plans, but I got along with other passengers who had the same problems and we made the best of the situation with a lot of humor 🙂

In the evening our friends, my mum and I enjoyed delicious vegan food in the restaurant “Die Kombüse” and a drink in the bar Taproom in Mannheim.

The next day we finally headed to Pariiiiiissss! Finalement!!! We are spending 4 days here, strolling through the beautiful streets of the French capital and actually eating a lot of vegan and delicious food!

Until I write a review and Mini Travel Guide, you can follow my journey on Instagram Stories 🙂

I hope you have a nice weekend! What are you planning for Saturday and Sunday?

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