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I have not shopped at Zara & Co since the beginning of 2013 and have seldom missed fast fashion. Hopefully, my blog posts, such as Fair Fashion Friday Picks or my outfit posts, show that fair fashion can be chic and modern and does not have to look eco!

Now just before Fashion Week (it starts today, follow me on Instagram if you want to keep up with the action!!), but I’ve noticed how monotonous my wardrobe has become lately. I’ve accumulated so many sustainable basics, focusing more and more on a Capsule Wardrobe, so I’ve lost track of my inner fashionista. This is not tragic, there are more important things in life than always being super trendy. I also do not want to accumulate stuff in my closet that I end up only wearing once. But I realized that I am missing a few more eyecatcher and special pieces in my closet.

Is that directly due to my preference for fair fashion? Yes, most fair-fashion brands tend to sell plain fashion, or sometimes relatively modest patterns, cuts, and colors. That makes sense, too. Part of the fair-fashion idea is the longevity of the products. But when I think back to my old H & M and Zara pieces, I actually do not miss any garments from the brands (I sorted out little by little, few are still hanging in my closet). None of this was “THE special piece”… Instead, second-hand finds or heirlooms are the stars in my wardrobe that enhance any basic outfit, such as my vintage kimono from Japan or my second-hand Baker-boy hat.

So my conclusion? Yes, I am lacking a few special pieces in my closet that complete the eye-catchers I’ve just mentioned and that I can use to create looks that are perfect for a special occasion such as Fashion Week. But to find these pieces I do not have to resort to fast-fashion brands, but I can just look around for special pieces in the second hand shops. I will definitely continue to pursue this in the near future! Would you like me to take you on a 2nd hand shopping tour? e.g. a flea market visit or something similar? Do you like to buy second hand?

Of course, there are also eye-catching pieces in the ethical fashion sector. These are usually only available online, or rather expensive. Here I put together a few looks that I would have liked to wear for the current Fashion Week. Not all brands are 100% sustainable and fair, but they are going in the right direction. The links are mostly affiliate links (you can find more information about what that means below). But now to my picks (which are mostly relatively expensive pieces):

Nude Chic:




Rocky Chic:


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  1. Eine Serie über gute und preiswerte Second Hand Läden in Berlin fände ich gut. Entweder sind sie billig oder ramschig, wie zb Humana, sorry, aber ich finde die haben echt nur Müll oder die Kleidung kostet richtig viel Geld wie zb Made in Berlin (Nähe Weinmeister, heißt der so?), wo man für getragene muffige Kleider 50 Euro ausgeben soll.

    1. Das ist eine super Idee! Dieses Thema wollte ich eh schon LANGE mal angehen 🙂 Eine Freundin von mir shoppt aber super gerne bei Humana und findet dort immer die besten Teile!! Aber ich persönlich komme dort auch nicht so gut klar, haha 🙂 Und ja, ganz teuere Selected Vintage Stores sind auch nicht so mein Ding…Ich werde mir Mühe geben! Danke für dein Feedback!

  2. Hi Mia 🙂
    toller Artikel! Ich bin auch auf der Suche nach ein paar tollen fairen Boho-Stücken, doch das ist gar nicht so einfach. Ich werde mich daher eher im Second Hand Bereich umsehen.
    Aber jetzt nochmal was ganz anderes: würdest du mal eine Kleiderschranktour machen – hier oder auf Youtube mit einem Video. Mich würde das jedenfalls sehr interessieren!
    Ganz liebe Grüße

    1. Kleiderschranktour klingt interessant, vielleicht mache ich das demnächst mal. Ich bin derzeit noch am Ausmisten, aber danach gerne 🙂 Ich persönlich mag meinen Kleiderschrank auch einfach gerne. Wir haben den nämlich selbst gebaut, haha 🙂