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Oh, wow, there hasn’t been such a long blog break between posts for a long time. I am so sorry! I usually post really regularly and am always so grateful that you give me so much positive feedback. Also, without you, I could not do this for a living and then leaving you guys hanging for so long doesn’t feel good.

But since I do not want to come back directly with a sponsored post (there’s one coming tomorrow), I just wanted to catch up with you and explain what was going on. I did not just sit around on the sofa watching YouTube videos (ok I did a little bit, haha, but not during working hours!!!), but I’ve really done a lot of work. But here’s an explanation why, nevertheless, hardly anything showed up here:

  • I had / still have a case of writer’s block: I have never actually had that and I have to deal with it for the first time. Because I am actually the type to “Just Do It!”. I think a lot, but usually that does not stop me from being active …
  • I’m frustrated with social media: Also instagram is frustrating me lately. I’ve spent a lot of time, energy and money (related to coaching and e-books, I’ve NEVER bought followers or likes) on Instagram over the last few weeks, because this platform is the most interesting to customers. But Instagram is so fast-paced, the competition is huge, and the algorithm is not conducive to helping people who don’t have huge accounts grow. Also, I have a very loyal community that gives me a lot of reach and impressions, but relatively few comments and likes. This is not conducive to the algorithm (which loves interactions) as well as potential customers, as they often only look at likes and follower number. Of course I can provide screenshots of the views and reach, but that is often less interesting, which I understand! This little app makes it so that I am in a bad mood and demotivated. I would like to change that, but I do not know how, yet. But I know that I want to put less time into the app and more time towards YouTube and the blog! That’s my plan!
  • I have some side projects: Like I said, I do not sit still just because it’s a bit quieter on the blog. I am currently starting my own business, which is very exciting, but at the same time very expensive. I go to coaching, have a lot of startup meetings and discussions, travel a lot, am writing a business plan, putting together several applications for funding, and and and. It will still take forever to get it launched, but the preparation is really huge. I do not want to torment you as it feels like all the “influencers” do, but I’m also scared of telling too much and then having the project fail or having to change a lot and have you end up being be disappointed. In addition, I have a few collaborations with companies that require a lot of preparatory work, but will be published in a few months. This is not supposed to be a mystery, or not a dramatized “I do SOOO much but can not reveal anything, upsiiii” type of thing, but I just want more concrete facts before I tell you more. As I said, I do not want to disappoint you.
  • “Whataboutism” blocks me: To be honest, I write less about sustainability than I actually want. In my private life, I do a lot of things, try Zero Waste, buy much less, repair a lot, make lots of DIYs, boycott certain brands and so on. But I’m not perfect and because of that I make myself a target when I write about sustainability. I do not get a lot of comments like that, but when I get feedback like “Ok you eat vegan, but why are you doing this and not that???? You are not authentic, you are hypocritical, etc.”, then that really brings me down. I can not blame anyone either, but this “whatabaoutism” (these are comments that often start with “But what about …?” Or, according to Oxford definition, “the technique or practice, an accusation or a difficult question to answer with a counter question or to pick up another topic”) simply brings me down and kills any constructive and fruitful discussion. Not only do I see it on my channels, but especially with big bloggers who are doing MUCH more than me (like Louisa Dellert and Dariadaria), and yet they are criticized for not being perfect. Nobody is perfect and as an individual I think every little step counts and should be celebrated. Why are the people who write a lot about sustainability criticized, but people on Instagram who post pictures with Zara advertising or Starbucks cups only get comments about how great their outfit is??? What can really make a difference is to try to get active in politics. Don’t waste energy on such “you are hypocrites” comments, but write to the respective politicians and to put pressure on them and companies. These are the “real” big steps. As I said, this phenomenon, that one can only write about a critical topic in Germany, if one is perfect, really stops me from writing about it. It should not, but I want to be honest with you, it does. I want to write more about this in a separate post, because I have a few sustainability topics in the pipeline and some already written, but I don’t dare to publish them.
  • I’m writing a three-part post: I asked the somewhat naïve question on Instagram, “what prevents some of you from eating vegan”. The topic really exploded and I had over 100 different questions, news and so much feedback! I want to respond to EVERY single person. I typed all the answers from the app into the laptop and took screenshots of it and want to address each and every person! Since this post is very very long (I am currently up to a 10 page Word document), I will subdivide this into three articles. But I also want to include well-founded sources and not just claim things without facts to back it up. I want to provide you with a lot of added value so the whole thing just takes a long time. But the wait is worth it!!! I hope you are looking forward to it 🙂
  • We’re planning a wedding abroad: hahaha, ok that’s a VERY happy AND private topic. But of course this also takes a lot of time and energy, in a positive way, but it’s just a special and big event 🙂 


Ok, I hope this post doesn’t sound too negative, in general I’m super happy and satisfied! That’s why I ended the list with two very positive points! But I had to get a lot off of my chest and just wanted to be honest with you! I owe you that much and wanted to give you an honest look behind the scenes. I hope you understand my recent vanishing act a little better. I am not lazy, demotivated or done with blogging. It’s just a lot going on and it’s been very busy! But as I said, I’ve planned a lot, lots of ideas, and a lot is changing on YouTube as well. So stay tuned, thanks as always for your input, your comments and just that you have been following my story for so long! I am always looking forward to interacting with you!!

I also believe that many can identify with such a situation. Everybody experiences times of change, doubts in their profession and phases in which a lot is going on, but you only see the results later. Hold on, we can do it together! 🙂

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  1. Hey Mia!
    I’m sorry to hear that some aspects of social media is also bringing you down. Just waned to let you know that I also find the instagram algorithms “blöd“! 😀 Even though I spend far more time on news, environmental, or health posts, my explore is filled with crazy gossip or (to me) less interesting posts.
    I still hope you won’t give up your insta activities, cause among all the frustrating posts and comments on social media, your stories and posts put me in a better mood! 🙂 Keep up the amazing work, and hood luck with your side project! 😀

  2. Hey Mia,
    ich hatte garnicht den Eindruck, dass du lange nichts gebloggt hast 🙂 In deinen Betreigen steckt ja auch immer sehr viel Arbeit, Sorgfalt und Mühe, dass merkt man an den schönen Bildern und Texten :), und dann ist es ja auch normal, dass nicht alle paar Tage was neues kommen kann. Ich finde das völlig in Ordnung 🙂 Instagram sehe ich auch immer kritischer. Ich habe den Eindruck, dass es es immer mehr zu einer reinen Werbe Plattform und “schaut wie toll mein Leben ist” wird. Blogs lese ich lieber 🙂 Ich bin richtig gespannt auf dein Projekt! Vielleicht ein eigenes Fashion Label? 😀

    Liebe Grüße

  3. Hi Mia,

    ich kommentiere ziemlich selten, aber hier sprichst du mir einfach aus der Seele. Auch wenn ich in Sachen Nachhaltikeit und Fairness noch lange nicht so weit bin wie du, bekomme ich schnell das Gefühl, dass es zu wenig ist. Das liegt noch nicht mal unbedingt an blöden Kommentaren sondern auch viel an eigenen Gedanken. Ich versuche mir dann immer die oft von dir genannten “Baby Steps” wieder ins Gedächtnis zu rufen und mich daran zu erinnern, dass auch Kleinigkeiten ein guter Anfang sind und nicht alles von heute auf Morgen geschehen muss. 🙂

    Dein Blog ist einer meiner Lieblingsblogs (Instagram nutze ich übrigens überhaupt nicht, du hast mich also auch ohne diese App als Leser gewonnen ;)) und eine super interessante Inspirationsquelle. Da warte ich auch gerne mal länger auf einen neuen Post. 😉

    Liebe Grüße und frohes Schaffen ohne Frust! 🙂

  4. Liebe Mia,

    go ahead – ich stimme deiner Sichtweise absolut zu! Es geht darum, dass jeder von uns sein Bestes gibt und wir die Welt gemeinsam in kleinen Schritten verändern. Natürlich ist niemand perfekt – ich bin es ebenso wenig –, aber wenn ich Blogs wie deine lese, bzw. Menschen folge, die genau so wie ich versuchen, im Rahmen ihrer Möglichkeiten nachhaltig zu leben, gibt mir das sehr viel Mut. Manchmal habe ich Momente der Resignation, in denen ich denke, durch meine Lebensweise kann ich niemanden inspirieren; oder ich fühle mich mit einer Masse der von dir beschriebenen »Whataboutismen« konfrontiert. In diesen Phasen sind es dann genau solche Menschen wie du, die mich wieder hoffen lassen und mir vor Augen führen, dass es doch eine ganze Menge Leute gibt, die bewusst leben, und denen Umwelt, Ernährung und Miteinander nicht egal sind. In diesem Sinne: mach weiter so und lass dich nicht aufhalten!

    Sonnige Grüße,