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You wanted more second-hand shopping posts! And I’m happy to give that to you! It makes me very happy that you guys are interest in this as my motto is always “Buy Less” – especially new things! Here I’ve already given you a few tips to make your thrift shopping experience a fun and successful one!

Today, together with my partner Omio , I am showing you my favorite flea markets in Berlin. In a next post from this series I will share my favorite Second-Hand Shops in Berlin. I still haven’t visited all flea markets in Berlin yet, there are so many in the capital! Nevertheless, I think I’ve gained a good overview over the last few years and today I will tell you about my favorite flea markets, as well as a few details about the location and the goods that are offered! If you know any other markets in Berlin that you like, then share them in the comments below!

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But now to my main topic – The best flea markets in Berlin:

Flowmarkt Prinzessinnengärten

The flea market in the Prinzessinnengärten, also called Flowmarkt Kreuzboerg, is one of my favorite! The market takes place every two weeks on Sundays in summer. The location is super cute and in the back of the gardens is a small beer garden. By the way, in the far corner of the gardens you’ll find some beehives, as well as a beehive sculpture by my aunt (although the sculpture often changes, depending on the carnival-of-the-cultures theme). On the market you will mainly find clothes, very much hipster style, which I personally find nice, as I can browse here for more modern pieces! In addition, a lot of self-produced jewelry is offered.

Nearest underground station: Moritzplatz (U8)

Nowkoelln flow market

This flea market is definitely the best for selling stuff, as many come here not only for “the scene” (see Mauerpark) and the prices are also really fair. The location is also great, right on the idyllic Maybachufer and the market is not too big! I also like the fact that there are hardly any “pros” who sell here, but mainly private stands. You can really browse and negotiate great prizes!

Nearest underground station: Schönleinstraße (U8)

Flea market in Mauerpark

Of course I have to recommend the well-known flea market in the Mauerpark. Many hate it, many love it! I would say it’s not a typical flea market. It is very crowded, quite expensive and in addition to the typical flea market stalls there is even a whole corner with delicious food trucks, a wide range of street performers and musicians playing next to the flea market, as well as the famous karaoke concert all afternoon long! But once again back to the actual flea market. Most of what I find there is very overpriced, as many sellers are used to tourists who spend a lot of money here. But as a little tip: Go further into the market to the back to the private stalls, also try going a little later at 3pm and rummage through the stuff there. It’s generally a bit emptier and most sellers want to get rid of their stuff at this time, because those are usually the people who bring everything on foot with public transport (and not as professionals with vans) so they don’t want to schlepp everything back home! Especially on bad weather days you can find some really good bargains here! Generally, you don’t have to go to the Berlin flea markets super early. Most do not open properly until 10 o’clock.

Nearest subway stops: Eberswalde (U2) or Bernauerstraße (U8)

Flea market Schöneberg

I would call the flea market in front of the historic building of the town hall Schöneberg a typical flea market. No hipster fuss, no karaoke, no tourist magnet, just a “normal” flea market, but with its own charm and a very quiet atmosphere! Here you will find lots of old records, books, cameras, other bits and bobs, and what I thought looked like a thousand boxes full of old glasses! As far as I know it’s open on Saturdays and Sundays.

Nearest subway stop: Rathaus Schöneberg (U4) or Bayrischer Platz (U7 / U4)

Marheineke Markthalle

What’s special about this one: The flea market at the Marheineke market hall also takes place every Saturday and Sunday. Here you will find a nice mix of private sellers and smaller retailers. The market is quite small, but that’s exactly what I like. Therefore it’s not overwhelming, or overcrowded! Additionally, I like all the cafes and restaurants around it and just love to walk there every once in a while. Maybe I’m a bit biased because the market is in my neighborhood 🙂

Nearest subway stop: Gneisenaustraße (U7)

These were my five favorite, but there are of course other great flea markets in Berlin:

  • RAW areal: Here, too, you will find a smaller flea market every Sunday. I’ve never found anything there, but I guess I was just unlucky. For a change, this flea market starts quite early! (Underground and S-Bahn station Warschauerstraße)
  • Boxhagener Platz: I haven’t been there for a long time, as I always found it quite full, but the location is surrounded by many great vegan cafes! (Simplon Road Tram M10 / M13)
  • Tiergarten: If you want to look for chic antiques, this is the place for you. Accordingly, the prices are of course a bit higher! (Tiergarten train station)
  • Ostbahnhof: One of the biggest flea markets I’ve ever been to! Over 130 stalls line up and offer a high-quality assortment of antiques, furniture, art, porcelain, jewelery, stamps, coins and postcards as well as antique books and records. (S-Bahn station Ostbahnhof)
  • One that I have not yet visited: the flea market on Pankeufer in Wedding!


What are your favorite flea markets in Berlin? If you’re traveling to Berlin, do not forget to drop by on Omio ! By the way, you can always ask for insider knowledge in the The Locals Facebook group from Omio for destinations all over Europe!

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  1. Great post! So far I’ve only been to the one in Mauerpark, and I’m one of the people who love it I have to check out at least one of the other markets this weekend!

  2. Ach da kommen Heimatgefühle auf!!!! Und ein bisschen Heimweh gleich mit! Mein persönlicher Lieblingsflohmarkt war ja jeden Sonntag der kleine vor dem Rathaus Steglitz (den hatte ich nämlich direkt vor der Haustür). Winzig klein, aber irgendwie niedlich. Mittlerweile wohne ich in Italien und checke hier die Flohmärkte aus. Zum Glück gibt es, was das betrifft in Rom auch ein paar kleine Schätzchen zu entdecken! 🙂 Liebe Grüße in die Mutterstadt aus bella Italia 😉
    – Julia