This is maybe an unusual post as I have never really posted streetstyle pics from Fashion Week. The reason is that I can get really shy amongst so many people and even if people take photos of me I normally just say “yes, ok, thank you” and don’t hand out my business card. But I am getting better at that and Jesse and I approached some people together if we liked their style or they somehow drew our attention.

And yes, there are a lot of men street styles as Jesse and I just found their personal style often to be less pretentious and more laid back and relaxed. Also in my opinion personal styles are always a great inspiration, whether it’s a man or a woman.

Below you will find some random people, celebrities (Karliiiiiiie!!!) and some bloggers. Which style do you like? Is there any that inspires you? I saw a lot of leopard, b&w and patterns amongst the girls (one day was leopard day!), and the guys impressed me with some bold colorful pieces, cool pants and boots!

Photos by Jesse Abrams

PS: This time was our first time shooting street style pics. It was super cold, so we often just stayed inside and we did not write all the names and links down, but in summer we will be more organized, I promise!!!




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