Bikini, H&M. Shorts, DIY. 

How are you guys??? It’s been so long! We have been in the middle of nowhere on a game reserve and the internet connection was just awful. It was enough for instagram, sometimes not even for that, but not fast enough to upload any photos. Anyway it was great at the game reserve so relaxing. But I will tell more about that in another blogpost. here you see some photos from Camps Bay, Cape Town. There is also a sand beach but the rocks looked so amazing that we decided to take some photos on them!

My trip is still not over, still one more week and I already have sooo many photos to show you! So I wanted to ask, what would you like to see? Outfit pics? Landscape photos? Food pics? What are you interested to see from my trip here in South Africa? I will update more often now that we are back in civilization 🙂



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