Some pictures of my stay in NY last september that I haven’t posted yet:

All photos by Jesse Abrams and me

1 – I found awesome macarons in Manhattan! here 
2 – Chicago on the Broadway
3 – Hotdog
4 – MIA shoes and F21 bag
5 – awesome food in St Mark’s Place
6 – sushi at Hane Sushi (to each drink one for free and really good sushi)
7 – sushi (my favorite food next to hamburgers)
8 – Mia in NYC 🙂
9 – Christina of Profresh Style (didn’t know back then that she was a blogger or I would have approached her and not just taken a photo, now I know her blog and I love it! She seems so nice!)
10 – Times Square by night
11 – me in the train
12 – fun at the beach
13 – partying in Manhattan

I miss you NYC!
Happy 2nd Advent!


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  1. Hey Mia! Nice to meet your blog too. Oooh NYC! I love it, I was just there in October. Looks like you had a great time, and I’m in awe of those gorgeous long legs of yours! Also love that lady in the red pants, what a dreamy outfit!

  2. WOW! these pics are amazing!
    so you have been in NY! lucky you! 🙂
    I have been in ny when I was 10, so I don’t remember many things!
    anyway, the pics are really interestinf and you look so beautifull!
    kiss and thank you for your last visit! 🙂