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“Bali as it once was” is the motto of the Puri Dajuma Beach Eco-Resort & Spa in north-western Bali, which I visited on a press trip at the end of March. Thanks to the unbelievably quiet location, the sustainability of the hotel and the very reasonable price, it is a must visit if you visit Bali! More about why below (including looots of pics of course, you know me by now 🙂

Disclaimer / Transparency: Press trip means that I was invited by the hotel and Green Pearls and received two nights for free, but received no payment for this blog post or any other content. Now let’s get started with my hotel review:


First, a few details about the location. The hotel is situated about 2 hours northwest from Canggu. That means almost four hours drive from the airport. This might seem like a long journey, but it is more due to the traffic in Bali which just does not move so fast. But the long journey is worth it: it lets you leave the crowded bars and restaurants and huge busy resorts as well as the annoying tourist crowds far away. Instead, expect a quiet beach, gentle waves perfect for swimming, untouched and traditional nature full of rice fields and tropical forests.


I have already visited quite a few sustainable hotels, and here I was really excited about how broad the hotel’s sustainable efforts are.

Most of the food, especially fish and vegetables, comes from local farms or from suppliers from the village. The organic oil for the massages is made by hand on Bali from the national flower Fragipani.

But my highlight in terms of sustainability: The hotel assures that they do not pollute the ocean. On the contrary: in every restaurant there are refill stations with drinking water, where guests can fill their own bottle or refill the carafe from the room. In addition, the hotel makes great efforts to minimize plastic consumption: they don’t use any plastic straws, rainwater is collected in water tanks to water the flowers and the garbage is separated carefully. Organic waste is composted and plastic and glass are returned to the renowned ecoBali recycling station. All proceeds from the recycling are then donated to the local community, most recently to the orphanage. Every two weeks, together with the whole team, the hotel does a thorough beach cleanup and lately some residents from the village have started to take part.

At Puri Dajuma, however, sustainability does not stop with environmental protection. The staff and the village around the resort also benefit from the hotel. The staff comes 100% from the surrounding community and some employees have been employed at the hotel for more than 15 years, with social benefits, the ability to continue to fulfill their many religious obligations and more!


Elli and I stayed at Villa Bendega, a one bedroom villa with a luxurious outdoor bathroom! You can take a bath under the stars and still enjoy your privacy. You will find mosquito nets, mosquito protection, WiFi, fridge and more in the room. Find more about the exact features here. Our view from the room was spectacular: directly on the infinity pool and from there directly on the beach and the sea. Beautiful!!!

The prices are more than fair, especially considering what the hotel offers, the sustainability of the hotel, as well as the facilities and beautiful gardens. The cottages can cost as little as 64 Euros per night (depending on the season and the internet portal you book it from). Our luxurious ocean view room costs around 120 Euros per night.

Exciting Pools

More highlights: two pools, a simple pool for swimming and play, as well as an infinity pool with a long lane to swim, a waterslide to the lower level with a waterfall, a hot tub by the infinity pool and a children’s pool right next to the larger pool under the infinity pool. You can safely play in the children’s pool with a baby, but still feel like you are “in the middle” of the action. Especially great if you travel with a big family! If you’ve been following my stories then maybe you can get a feel for how much fun I had at these pools and different levels! At the same time the stay was also very relaxing. You can watch my stories “Eco Resort” in my highlights on Instagram!

Overall, I have to say that despite the size and the many offers the resort never seemed too big and confusing. You feel immediately at home and comfortable. At the same time, the grounds, the pool and the restaurants were never “full”, but very quiet and pleasant. Difficult to describe, but in any case Elli and I felt VERY comfortable! 

The infinity pool with jacuzzi, waterslide, children’s pool and a long lane to swim.

 The slightly larger rectangular pool directly at the hotel garden and sea:

Garden and beach

Another plus: the 20km long beach! To the left of the hotel is the beach with the many rocks and the strong waves just for a walk. To the right of the hotel you will find a long bay with a sand beach, which is perfect for swimming and splashing due to the calm water! Depending on the season and tides, the color of the beach changes. When we were there, the beach was rather dark, as you can see here on the pictures. Super fascinating! In the garden directly on the beach, but also on the pool decks, sun loungers, hammocks, swinging wicker chairs and gazebos are waiting for you, so that you can really relax and unwind.

But if you are rather up for some action, don’t worry – the hotel has you covered! The long pools described above are perfect for long laps. The waterfall and the slide at the infinity pool make for pure bathing fun. If you want, you can rent equipment for bodysurfing, sailing, kayaking or paddle boarding. You can also get your own fitness brochure at the hotel.

Above: The quiet side, which is suitable for swimming.

Below: The left side of the beach, more currents and stronger waves.

Activities outside the resort

If you want even more activity, you can rent bicycles or scooters from the hotel and explore the area. Or you can book one of the many day trips. For example, we took a half-day tour to visit the waterfall Jeruk Manis, a very hidden waterfall where you can swim. On the way back we were able to admire the Bunut Bolong Holy Tree – a stunning tree which one can drive through. Other tours offered include Bali Hot Springs, Rice Farming Sightseeing, Trekking, Day Tour to Ubud, Temple Tours and more. You can find the whole list and the complete brochure here.


Foodies don’t even have to leave the resort. Puri Dajuma has three restaurants, including a Teppanyaki restaurant. All three restaurants have a beautiful view of the sea and offer a variety of dishes, there is something for everyone! Vegans should let the hotel know in advance that they want a vegan breakfast and vegan dishes, so that enough plant based milk etc. is available. Everything is freshly bought and prepared. Personally, I recommend the tempeh, instead of the tofu, because I just liked the tempeh there much better! The detailed menu can be found here. By the way, you should make reservations for the Teppanyaki Restaurant so that the kitchen can prepare the Teppanyaki experience for you. As I said, everything is freshly bought and prepared and therefore this restaurant needs to know in advance. 

Above and below: breakfast with granola, soy milk, freshly squeezed juices, fruit & toast.

Lunch with a lot of tempeh:

Really cool dinner experience in the Teppanyaki restaurant:

 A romantic dinner directly on the beach is also possible of course:

For families

I don’t have children and I wasn’t traveling with children, but I can say for sure that the resort is very suitable for families. There’s just so much to do and see in the resort and the beach alone. The day trips are also perfect for families as the hotel and guide take care of everything and you can just enjoy your family time. There are also many pool toys, a children’s pool, large lawns, delicious food and if you want you can even book a babysitter there.

For couples

But if you read this as a couple that does not want to have families and kids around all the time, don’t worry! The hotel is somehow very cozy and welcoming but at the same time the hotel area also feels very spacious. Since there is lots of space and lots to do you hardly get in anyone’s way. Also the hotel only has 35 rooms in total spread over a 1,5 ha tropical garden. But be aware the water slide by the infinity pool might be a bit popular, haha ​​:) It was just SO much fun to play there! But as I said, at Puri Dajuma you have your peace, relaxation and enough spots and time for romantic moments. The hotel is simply THE perfect mix. Difficult to explain this in a blogpost, but I hope you get a good idea of it from my description and the many pictures!

Spa & Yoga

Unfortunately we didn’t have time to test the Spe area, otherwise I would have definitely done it. The Spa area looked beautiful and for those of you who are interested, you can also book a partner massage at the beach garden under the pavilion! So romantic!

Unfortunately we also missed their yoga class, as we were only there for a short time, but the location looked beautiful! On the website you will find a lot more information, one of the best hotel sites I’ve ever visited. You can also learn more about the team, look at the individual bungalows from above, and find out more about the activities and wellness offers.

I really tried to find some disadvantages during my stay … I do not want hotel reviews to sound 100% commercial. I really always want to include my true authentic personal opinion, with all the advantages and disadvantages. But here I can think of only two small “drawbacks”: the waves were not surfer-friendly when we were there (perfect for swimming and playing!), But it was a quiet time, even on other surfing beaches. The location is a bit out of the way and you have to plan a relatively long transfer – which, as described above, is very worthwhile!!! I really recommend this hotel and the area around it. If you are in Bali, definitely consider the Puri Dajuma Eco-Resort & Spa!!

Let me know if you have any questions!


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