Earrings, Asos. Sunglasses, Cheap Monday. Top, Zara.

This is a preview of my next blogpost! I posted about statement earrings here with lots of affordable options and I tell you, they are a must this autumn and winter! Get these Asos earring here!

I am so sorry for the lack of updates! I really have lot to post and write about, I just have lots of problems with blogger and on top of that with my Internet connection right now! Does anyone have the same problem with blogger?:

I have problems with uploading my photos and displaying them in their original size, so it is throwing off my whole template. That means all my pics are 650 px wide in their horizontal length. But blogger only uploads landscape pictures correctly and the portrait sized pictures too small. I tried to edit the html code but then it just stretches the picture and the quality gets all messed up. Write me if you have similar problems or if you know how to reach blogger the easiest and fastest way! In the meantime I will work on the problem and try to post regularly again as soon as possible! Sorry again!



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