Bikini, Billabong.

I waited to post these photos till we got the photos from our film camera back. My boyfriend and I are loving film cameras so much lately! The last two pictures (the black and white ones) are taken with a film camera. How do you like them? Aren’t the photos really different from digital ones? The weather that day was amazing so we decided to spend the day at the beach, a good decision 🙂 I LOVE the beach!

 By the way, I have NO TATTOO. It’s a FAKE TATTOO. Last time I posted photos with that fake tattoo everyone commented on how nice the tattoo is. I find it ok, I wanted to try out how a colorful tattoo would look like on me. I know now that I want a black and white and small one when I get a real one 🙂 I got the fake tattoo from HERE.



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