Paris Vegan Food Guide

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Bonjour, bonjour! Last weekend I was traveling with my mum to Paris, oh la la! Actually by train! The trip was a Christmas present, a wonderful idea! We basically just ate 🙂 Here you can find my blogpost with all my ethical fashion outfits in Paris, as well as some mini-travel tips.

Today however, I want to show you all the vegan and vegetarian friendly restaurants and bistros we visited. Below that I also added a list with the restaurants that looked very good during my research, but for which we unfortunately didn’t have any time to test.

As you know, France is not really a vegan’s paradise and asking for extra wishes in restaurants is not that easy either. Since I knew this fact in advance, I did a lot of research and in the end we ate only in vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants and bistros.

Le Potager du Marais

This restaurant was one of my big highlights. It is very centrally located, relatively small (definitely reserve!) and traditionally decorated. You can see that the restaurant has been around for a long time. On the menu you will find many traditional French dishes, just 100% vegan. My mother and I had a stuffed pancake for starters, as well as vegan boeuf bourguignon with seitan as our main course. The pancake was quite good, but some kind of sauce was missing. The Boeuf Bourguignon was heaven!!! Soooo good! Then we ordered a creme brûlée each. In retrospect, we could have shared one, I was so full! The cream brûlée was really good. Somewhat stronger than the non-vegan version, I believe, but still creamy and very delicious!

Paris Vegan Food GuideParis Vegan Food Guide

Vegan Afternoon Tea Time im Shangri-La Hotel (Lounge)

Ok, now we are coming to my absolute highlight of our trip!!! The vegan Tea Time at the super chic Shangri-La Hotel! Again, we had reserved (which we did in advance through our hotel) and dressed extra chic 🙂 At least for our taste, haha. The audience is of course as you can expect in such a luxurious hotel very, very fancy. We have chosen the menu for two, for 80 euros. That sounds like a lot, but I tell you, every penny was worth it !! The desserts were SO delicious, I haven’t eaten something so unbelievably delicious in a long time. I’m not a desserts fanatic otherwise, but I could have bathed myself in every single cake or cookie. Aside from the unbeatable quality, the amount was also really worth the price: there was a big scone with vegan cream, a plate full of indescribably fine cookies and chocolates, a plate of mini sandwiches and mini summer rolls, as well an additional plate of small, fine tartlets that almost resembled art!

We extra had not eaten lunch beforehand and still didn’t finish all the desserts. I just packed the leftovers to go… I don’t know if that’s standard in the fancy Shangri-La, but I would never have let a crumb just sitting there leftover!

Paris Vegan Food GuideParis Vegan Food Guide


This restaurant was recommended to me and since it is conveniently located at a central metro station, I thought it was a good choice for lunch. The interior is really beautiful, chic AND comfortable. The staff was really nice. However, I found the selection of vegan dishes only mediocre and you also don’t get much for the very expensive prices. My mother had five small dumplings for 20 Euros and I had a small assortment of raw, green vegetables, with no great spices or sauce for I think about 16 Euros. So just a semi good recommendation from me. Maybe good if you are traveling with non-vegans and put a focus on the location and decor.

Paris Vegan Food Guide

Tien Hiang

Now a crazy contrast: in the evening after Klay, we ended up in the relatively small nistrot Tien Hiang. Although there are many tables there, due to its popularity and the fact that you can not reserve, you have to queue sometimes. But it usually does not take long, as the dishes come very fast. The food was very cheap, super delicious and everything on the menu except for one dish is 100% vegan. Although the food came quickly, I think that everything is made relatively fresh, as the kitchen is very large and everything was really yummy! There are many “fake” meat dishes, so for example with soy or seitan meat, which I personally like very much, if it’s done well, like at Tien Hiang. In addition, the restaurant has been vegetarian since 1999! In any case, a great recommendation from me, but often very full. Get ready to queue, but it will not take long.

Paris Vegan Food Guide Paris Vegan Food Guide

Hank Pizza

When I read that there is good, vegan pizza in Paris, I knew I had to go!! There is also Hank Burger, just around the corner, but I really wanted pizza and my mom too 🙂 The pizza was 5 euros apiece, I think there are 6 different flavors and the dough is rather thick, but still kind of crispy. At least that’s how it was for us. I thought the pizza was delicious and for a fair price. The restaurant is centrally located in the Le Marais, the staff was super nice, although we arrived late before closing time and the toppings fit together great! Next time, I will definitely also check out Hank Burger.

Paris Vegan Food Guide


Here we had our first lunch on our first day in Paris. Many rave about this place and I find it really nice and cozy and the food was good, but nothing outstanding. But there is a very big vegan selection. My coconut soup was really good, as well as my golden milk! Our main course, stuffed pumpkin, was also good, but somehow it was missing some “spice” and a sauce.

Paris Vegan Food GuideParis Vegan Food Guide

Cloud Cakes

Here I only ordered a dessert to go, but when I tasted it at the hotel, I wished that I had taken more to go! I had a crepe pie, how cool is that??!! It was so good and fluffy and sweet, but not too sweet as well as deliciously fruity! Next time, I’ll definitely sit down and order a few more things 🙂

Paris Vegan Food Guide Paris Vegan Food Guide


This is just a cafe and not a vegan restaurant, but supposedly they have the best coffee there (it was really good!) And they had almond milk! Wohooo! Out of sheer excitement, I forgot to take a nice picture of the Latte Art, haha.

Used Book Café

This is not a specific vegan tip, as we only had drinks, but the atmosphere was really nice! I honestly do not even know if they have soy milk or similar. I did not ask, I just ordered a delicious, hot lemon tea! The walls full of used books are a really cool eye-catcher and make the atmosphere in the café very cozy!

Paris Vegan Food Guide

Marche Aux Entfants Rouges

Again, we did not eat there, just walked through. However this old market is a bit of a hidden gem in the Le Marais, but definitely worth a visit! In good weather you can also enjoy coffee and / or delicious snacks there outside!

Paris Vegan Food Guide Paris Vegan Food Guide

What I also wrote down these places during my research, but but we didn’t have time to test them:

  • Gentle gourmet – supposedly very good, but unfortunately they had company holidays when we were there
  • Patisserie Végétal – I was so excited about the vegan croissant, but unfortunately they also were on company holidays
  • Soya Restaurant – unfortunately we did not have time anymore, but it sounds very, very delicious!
  • Le Pain Quotidien – I already knew from Gent that this chain is very vegan-friendly and if we had not had breakfast in the hotel, I would probably have gone there a couple of times
  • Abbatoir Végétal – looked super cute in the photos, but we unfortunately never made it there
  • Comptoir Veggie – they only opened during the day and we mostly searched for restaurants in the evening
  • Café Loustic – supposedly has many vegan options, I could not verify
  • Café Le Brebant – apparently vegetarian-friendly, but without guarantee, I do not remember where I got this info from
  • Vietnam in Paris, supposedly delicious, but the interior did not look so appealing in the photos



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