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Last weekend I visited Paris with my mom and it was so amazing! I actually travelled there 9 hours by train! I am planning to publish a Paris Vegan Food Guide, but before that I wanted to briefly show you my Paris outfits! Because I think there has not been enough Ethical Fashion content on the blog in lately 🙂

First things first: I traveled with very little luggage and I still was not able to show all the combinations that I came up with in the pictures (I also brought had a pair of blue jeans, which I had on in the evenings as well as a striped and a black turtleneck and a short skirt, but it was too cold and rainy to wear that skirt). The looks are not all so different from each other, but I wanted to show that you do not always have to travel with a thousand fancy outfits to look chic!

Have fun with my Paris looks. Below you will also find a few travel impressions and mini-travel tips:

Paris Oufits

Look 1

The first day I was very Paris chic, at least I think so! I copied the combination of a long shirt and a short sweater from Justine! The sweater is made by People Tree (a free and unconditional PR sample, affiliate link, with the code HLH10 you get 10% discount at People Tree!), the blouse is relatively old and made of organic cotton from Esprit. You have already seen the boots (here I write about the shoes) and now that I have tested them out thoroughly, I can highly recommend them! I walked around in them for 2 days covering a total of nearly 30 kilometers and had no blisters or sore feet! Super quality and comfort. So far, I’m happy that I bought them and they have been worth the money. The hat was a second-hand store find and a great one at that!

Information about the brands: I wrote about People Tree and their production here in detail during my visit to their producers in Nepal. The information about the boots, I have linked above. Esprit is not a 100% sustainable label, but they are definitely moving in the right direction due to the increased use of organic cotton and many Peta certified shoes!

Get the Look (affiliate links, as always inspiration only):


Look 2:

Paris Oufits

On the second day I wore the same bottom-half. This was not planned, but I thought that I had to be dressed very chic for our tea time at the Shangri-La Hotel for Tea Time (more about that soon) and did not want to go back to our hotel to change. So all day long I wore a simple, black outfit (All Black Errrthing always works!) With a super sweet blouse from ethical fashion label Jungle Folk (unfortunately already sold out in the pattern, you can find a similar one here, it was a free and unconditional PR sample ).

About the brand: Jungle Folk takes care to create fashion that is timeless and long lasting. In addition, they ensure new, fair paid jobs and pay attention to sustainable and certified materials such as organic cotton, linen from Belgium, wool and recycled materials for accessories.

Look 3

On the third day I wore my red sweater from Maska (PR Sample), which always upstyles every outfit! With this I wore my white sneakers and my cool statement cap by Wunderwerk creating in my opinion a real Berlin chic look. The red bag is from the flea market.

Information about the brands: Maska produces under the guidelines of the Fair Wear Foundation. The label prefers wool products since they are very durable and rarely need to be washed. You can find many cotton pieces online as well. Wunderwerk does not use petroleum-based raw materials such as acrylics, polyesters, polyamides and polyurethanes, but instead uses raw materials from organic farming (certified organic farms) and controlled organic livestock farming (kbT), as well as modal fibers made from local beech wood.

Paris Oufits

Those were my three looks from Paris! As I said, in between these outfits I also wore my blue jeans, as well as a sweater, but wore that in the evening and I did not photograph it. I did not wear anything from an outfit that I had planned (striped turtleneck and skirt) because it was way too wet and cold for that.

Very briefly I wanted to introduce you to our Hotel Maison Bréguet. We paid for this ourselves, so this was not a cooperation. We just had a great deal since the hotel recently opened! Otherwise, we would not actually be able to afford such a 5-star room. The hotel is perfectly located at Bréguet-Sabin station, right in the Le Marais district. The design was really cool and the service was unbeatable (we had a concierge!!!). The room was very spacious and even had skylights! There was also a small pool in the basement (relaxing, after a long day of sightseeing) and a small gym. Only the breakfast was not so convincing. It did not have great vegan options. But that seems to be generally difficult in France. Here are some pictures:

Paris OufitsParis Oufits

Paris Oufits

Here are a few more impressions from Paris, including 1-2 tips for tourists:

Paris Oufits

The whole Le Marais is unbelievably cute, but I loved the streets near St Paul station in particular. We found it wonderful to walk along Rue François Miron and Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe and to discover all the small boutiques. In the former we also discovered this quaint shop called Izrael, which incidentally offers a lot of unpacked items, from pasta, beans, rice, lentils on sweets, pickles and spreads! The only bad thing is the store sells these things in small plastic bags, but I bet they would have nothing against bringing your own boxes!

We enjoyed this beautiful view from the bridge Passerelle Debilly:

Paris Oufits

By the way, the Seine was flooded and the small promenades had completely disappeared since it had rained so much in Paris in the last few months! The rain i also the reason that my pictures are a bit duller and darker:

Paris Oufits Paris Oufits Paris Oufits

Of course we had to walk past the Notre Dame and a bit through theQuartier Latin, because I lived there during my Erasmus stay! So nostalgic!

Paris Oufits Paris Oufits

Paris Oufits

Back then, ages ago, I loved the Rue de Rosiers at Le Marais. Meanwhile, it has become a bit too busy for me, but still a nice street to stroll with my go-to second-hand shop while I was living there! Unfortunately, I did not find anything this time, but I was really only looking for jackets and that is always difficult.

Paris Oufits Paris Oufits Paris Oufits

Here are some more impressions from my favorite district, Le Marais:

Paris Oufits Paris Oufits Paris Oufits Paris Oufits Paris OufitsParis Oufits

And of course, pictures of the Eiffel Tower are always good:

Paris Oufits Paris Oufits Paris Oufits Paris Oufits

How did you like my outfit/trip summary? Have you ever been to Paris ???

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