Autumn fashion is the most fun for me! Especially when it is such a mild autumn like right now. In the last few weeks I have been busy photographing my favorite outfits. Almost all of them are completely ethical fashion and are paired with second-hand treasures. Maybe the looks will inspire you to create your own, new outfit creations, without buying anything new. Otherwise, of course, I also linked all the fair fashion items that I recommend below! Sustainable fashion is fun, looks good and with the motto “quality over quantity” it is often also affordable.

By the way, you don’t need a thousand new items to create many new outfit combinations. For each look, I show you a basic piece that you can mix and match creatively with other garments. In my Capsule Wardrobe series, I have already presented some more important basics for the summer. For winter I could actually write a part 2. Would you be interested?

First of all: You can find my general Ethical Fashion Guide here, my tips on Second Hand Shopping here! And here are a few more Ethical Fashion Guides you might be interested in:

But now for my fair fashion autumn outfits. Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post, I actually don’t even show any PR samples today, everything is bought or was given to me privately. The post includes affiliate links, you can read about what that means at the bottom of the post.

Look 1: Denim Skirt

I always love combining items from different seasons such as this short denim skirt with my warm cozy sweater. And this jacket was the biggest flea market bargain for $ 2.50 !!! I am also wearing my vegan boots by Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather, which I have lived in for the past few winters and I highly recommend them!

In summary: Actually, you can find almost the whole look second-hand, I really like buying jackets, sweaters and skirts Second Hand. Here are a few shopping tips for this look:


Look 2: Teddy Bear Coat

Again, look for second hand treasures! Coats are just so much cheaper second-hand and if they have been worn several times and still look great then that says a lot about their quality and longevity! The Teddy bear is super versatile, but here I just pair it with an all-black look so the coat really shines! Another topic: Denim! In general, I find it really hard to shop for sustainable jeans that fit me well, but I finally found a few great pairs at Everlane! I’ve linked more cool brands below:


Where you get the best ethical fashion jeans from


Ethical Fashion & Teddy Bear Jackets:


Look 3: Red / Pumpkin-colored Corduroy Skirt & Gray Denim Jacket

Shortly before my trip to the US, I was shopping in the new Loveco store in Schöneberg and just let myself be inspired by the choices there! For a long time I wanted a red / pumpkin-colored, autumnal skirt and actually I found one from Lana Organic there! Stripes are always great and since I loved the ribbed longsleeves from Armedangels last year, I also indulged in a striped version. The gray denim jacket was not a must. I actually wanted a slightly oversized denim jacket for several years, but I really only wanted a second-hand version. However, in vintage shops and at flea markets I was not able to find anything, so I bought the jacket new.

I have created different looks with these basics:

Here are the outfit details (all bought myself by the way):


Which look is your favorite? Do you want a similar blog post for Winter Styles? Anyway: Let me know which topics you would like to read soon on heylilahey!

PS: Here are a few variations of the looks shown above:

I always liked all Black Everything, but I like to make it looked more relaxed with an eyecatcher like this red second hand corduroy jacket, you can find a similar corduroy jacket here. Here is my look:

A light, chunky knit sweater goes well with almost all autumn and winter outfits, and I’ll just throw the jumper over any outfit and it’ll turn into a photogenic look!

I even dressed up one day and, once again, the color red was the star of the look. I’m wearing:

  • Top, Armedangels
  • Skirt, Maas Natur, old PR Sample, similar hier
  • Boots, Beyond Skin


And then a normal, relaxed, and cozy outfit. I’m wearing:



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  1. Hey Mia!

    Finde den Post interessant und eine schöne Inspirationsquelle. Auch um mal wieder einen neuen Blick für Kleidungsstücke zu bekommen, die man vielleicht so oder ähnlich schon besitzt. 🙂 Also Daumen hoch, auch für Winter-Styles. 😉

    Liebe Grüße

    1. Genau das war mein Ziel, also dass man nicht denkt, man braucht tausend neue Sachen, sondern eher Inspiration dafür bekommt, im eigenen Kleiderschrank vielleicht was neu zu kombinieren! Danke!

  2. Vielen Dank für deinen Artikel! Gerade deine Beitrage zu Modefragen lese ich sehr gern. Zum einen, weil du zeigst, dass es auch ausschließlich öko-fair geht (manchmal finde ich das schwierig). Und zum anderen, weil deine Outfits so schön normal sind. Keine teuren Designersachen und auch nicht zu extravagant, sondern genauso wie man sie selbst im Alltag tragen würde. Danke dafür!! Einen Artikel über Winterstyles würde ich gerne lesen! Außer Jeans mit Pulli fällt mir immer nicht viel ein, was genauso warm hält..

    1. Freut mich sehr!! Genau, ich versuche wirklich, Alltagslooks zu zeigen, die aber aus mehr als nur Jeans und T-Shirt bestehen 🙂
      Und ja, Winterstyles sind schwierig, da habe ich aber bereits ein paar Ideen, danke dir!