Shoes, Bronx. Shorts, Mango & DIY. Blouse, TJ Maxx. Jacket, H&M trend. Bikini, H&M (see below).

 That day started really foggy and cold but it got really sunny and warm by the afternoon, so we went to the beach of course 🙂 I love the beach and the beaches here in Cape Town are so pretty! Luckily we have a long beach right in front of our house here in Muizenberg. It is a well known surfers beach with the typical colorful beach huts.

We relaxed in the sun, watched the surfers and I tried to ride the longboard. I am thinking about surfing, too, but it’s a bit scary if you sit there and the shark siren turns on and everybody has to get out of the water as quick as possible because a shark has been spotted. I tried surfing in New York and in L.A. and it was a lot of fun. Maybe next week 🙂

How do you like the outfit? Pretty colorful, perfect for summer!!!

This is the red shark flag, a shark has been spotted near the beach the past hour. It is nearly always hanging there. As well as the black flag that means that the visibility is bad 🙂



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