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It’s already been a long time since I promised you an update to my curl care routine. Years ago, I wrote a few times about my personal curl care tips. In the meantime, of course, a lot has happened and especially after the trip around the world, I have developed a new hair routine.

Short flashback: On the trip, my curls were wonderful, not super well maintained, but curly, beautifully shaped and easy to handle. But back in Berlin they were suddenly extremely dry, knotted and without form after the first wash with Berlin’s incredibly hard water. I got really desperate. At first, I started treating my hair with a conditioner, but since it is very expensive, it was only a temporary solution for me. Then somehow I came across the (German) videos from Joana’s Essentials, in which she gives countless tips on how to restore dry and extremely curly hair with natural remedies.

After a few tries I had the perfect routine for me, which I want to show you today! No-Poo, cheap and natural and totally going with the theme #embraceyourcurls!

I use (Affiliate Links, you can read more about what that means all the way at the bottom of the post!):

  • Ayuverdic hair oil
  • Ghassoul clay, for example this one here
  • Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (Can you find it in the supermarket!)
  • Sometimes mild soap, see below, e.g. these ones
  • Natural Cosmetics Conditioner, this one or this one


How I use them:

1. Before washing your hair

First of all, I wanted to say that I try to wash my hair only about every 3 days to save water and time. Before I jump into the shower, I apply hair oil to my scalp. In specific, I use oil against dandruff and dry scalp, but generally I recommend that you always incorporate your favorite oil BEFORE showering, so that the hair does not look too stringy. That’s one of the tips that works the most for me.

Carefully apply the oil to the scalp with the pipette and gently massage in the oil. Then I tie my hair up to a very loose bun and let the oil work for a short time. The best would be about 10 minutes, but I do not always wait that long.

2. Hair washing

Currently I wash my hair first with only warm, but not hot water. If necessary, I only use the hot water for my body after I have washed my hair, and then tie my hair up so that the heat does not damage my hair.

Back to the hair washing: I make my hair completely wet and run my fingers through my hair. I don’t own a comb but only comb my hair with my fingers. This works very well for me and I never have knots.

Then, as a shampoo, I prefer to use Ghassoul clay for my no-poo method. I just mix a bit of clay powder with water before the shower, and stir it all with a wooden spoon until it forms a relatively creamy mass. Sometimes, but rarely, I’ll add some oil for extra nourishment, and sometimes some Dr Bronners soap. Here I like to use the peppermint soap by Dr Bronners (affiliate link), as it feels great on my scalp, or the baby mild soap, since it is super super mild. If I use the soap then the whole thing is not 100% no-poo, but it does not have to be. The main thing is that it is good for your hair! I sometimes use the soaps as a shampoo when traveling. The soaps of Dr Bronners are great because you can use them for so many different purposes.

Applying the ghassoul clay: I simply work the mixture into my hair under the shower, especially on my scalp. But I also distribute it to the tips, because it is very nourishing. It’s a bit of an unusual experience because nothing foams and the shower turns brown. Surprisingly, the lava soil can be washed out very easily, despite its color. But be sure to rinse everything well, especially behind the ears.

After that, I always use conditioner and work it into the tips. I rarely find a conditioner that I like, but my current favorite is Moisture Drench Glossy Locks by 100% pure (Affiliate Link). Super nourishing. Since this is often sold out, I also like to use the Oat conditioner from Weleda (affiliate link).

In my no poo method, I always use an apple cider vinegar rinse as a conditioner. Here I mix a few spoonfuls of organic apple cider vinegar with cold water. I used that for a month at the beginning of my no-poo phase and now I used it every so often. That makes my hair soft, well-groomed and easy to comb.

I only rinse the conditioner quickly since I rinse my hair cold after climbing out of the shower. When I use the Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse, I apply it on my scalp and hair after showering, since it is already quite cold. Then I rinse my hair with cold water.

Then I gently wring my hair out and put a towel around my head and let my hair air dry afterwards.

3. Styling

My only styling trick is that sometimes I leave some conditioner in my hair, or add it to damp hair. I apply it in the top hair and in the tips.

I rarely use hair cures, I try to use as few products as possible and over the years that has proven to be useful. Once a month I may use a hair cure, but I have no favorites. But otherwise I do as little as possible with my curls, otherwise they lose their shape.

Since I usually take a shower in the evening, I pep up my hair in the morning with a bit of water and, if necessary, apply a little bit of conditioner to the tips.

4. On the go

At home, I always try to use the above method regularly. It seems to be the best for my curls! When traveling I find the no-poo routine a bit more difficult. If I stay somewhere longer, I’ll just take a bit of lava earth and then mix it as usual on the spot before showering. In the gym, or anywhere I have a shared bathroom, I use either the Dr Bronners soaps, or the new the Weleda anti-dandruff shampoo. This is the only shampoo that I like to use on the go. When I travel, I always fill a small bottle with the hair oil and use the oil as usual. The small bottle I usually put in a small, resealable plastic bag, just to make sure nothing leaks (I got it with a beauty sample in it, wonderful upcycling so!).

As a kid I hated my curls. Very sad. But over the years, I have accepted my curls and now I love them. Curls in general are special and beautiful, though the media and advertising often target the beauty of straight hair. Of course I also have Bad Hair Days, but generally I love my curls. I always have volume, I can do so much with the and I always have a hair style #embraceyourcurls!

I also shot a video with my tips for no poo and curly hair, but it’s in German:

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  1. Witzig wie unterschiedlich Locken sein können; ohne Kamm könnte ich meine überhaupt nicht kämmen, weil sie so stark verknoten. Und ohne Tenside kann ich Öl überhaupt nicht auswaschen (selbst mit ist es sehr schwierig).
    Einigkeit allerdings darin, dass ich meine Locken früher auch gar nicht ausstehen konnte; mich inzwischen aber arrangiert habe 🙂

    1. Hast du es mal mit Lavaerde probiert? Die reinigt und pflegt, also damit wasche ich recht viel überschüssiges Öl wieder aus.
      Ansonsten ja, sind Haare seeeehr unterschiedlich und gerade auch Locken! Ich finde nur, generell hat sich bei mir bewährt, weniger Produkte zu verwenden. Früher habe ich sooo viele verschiedene verwendet. Jetzt mit einer minimalistischen Routine geht es ihnen viel besser.

  2. Hey,

    deine Locken sehen echt toll aus. Und cool, dass du es durchhälst, nur mit Heilerde zu waschen. Ich habe das auch versucht, aber ziemlich schnell wieder aufgehört. Ich fand das einfach eine ziemlich unpraktische Sauerei.
    Wenn du mal mit der Dr.Bronners Seife wäscht, machst du danach dann eine Essigrinse? Bei mir werden die Haare damit nämlich sonst ziemlich stumpf und ich habe das Gefühl, dass immer kleine weiße Rückstände drin bleiben.

    LG Klara

  3. Danke für den tollen Artikel, dein Conditioner-Problem kenne ich zu gut. Ich benutze derzeit sehr gerne einen leave-in Conditioner von Myrto, aber einen guten zum Auswaschen hab ich bisher noch nicht gefunden. Ich werde deine zwei Favourites also definitiv mal ausprobieren.
    Liebe Grüße