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Lately I almost never wear foundation anymore. That’s for a couple reasons, usually only a little coverage is enough for me (even at events or shootings) and I don’t feel like having ten layers of cream, sunscreen and foundation on my face, all of which I need to match.

That’s why I’ve been a fan of BB creams for a while, or at least tinted sun creams for the face that also give my skin a beautiful complexion. Today I want to tell you which ones I recommend personally and for which occasion or skin types they are good for!

Disclaimer: I include some free and unconditional PR – Samples, as well as affiliate links in this post. This blog post is not paid. You can learn more about what affiliate links are at the bottom.

Alga Maris Cream Solaire Teintee Light Visage SPF30 

I use this sunscreen on my face almost every day. They also have a version that isn’t tinted. Both versions are super easy to apply and have a very gentle, creamy and fast absorbing texture. The un-tinted version has a very slight whitening effect, but it’s barely noticeable. Both are vegan, non-nano and Ecocert certified. I only need to use a small blob, about the size of a big pea, or a chickpea of the tinted cream. This small amount is enough to cover my whole face. Speaking of which, for a tinted sunscreen, it provides really nice coverage, which is perfect for me when coupled with a good concealer. I will definitely keep using it in winter. It provides a nice glow that might be too much for people with oily skin.

The price is around the 15-17 euros, which I think is justifiable due to the great consistency, the beautiful glow and I have already repurchased the cream already myself after finishing the PR sample.

You can find the cream here on Amazingy (where you can also order samples before you buy the big package!)


Acorelle Creme Teintee High Protection SPF50 – clair / light (PR Sample)

If you need a higher SPF, I highly recommend this tinted sunscreen. It actually has almost exactly the same characteristics as Alga Maris. The only difference is it feels light in texture and very slightly sandy. I think that’s because of the high SPF. My skin handles this very well though and the sandy texture is not unpleasant. It doesn’t whiten because of the tint and is easy to spread with only a little product! Again it produces a light glow.

Similar to the Alga Maris, it is non-nano, Ecocert certified and as far as I understand, all Acorelle products are vegan! I have the shade Clair / Light. You can buy the cream for about 26 Dollars here, however I only found the shade gold…sorry!


Sun BB by Whamisa SPF14 (PR Sample)

The BB cream from Whamisa, a natural cosmetics company from South Korea, offers a lighter protection and is, therefore, perhaps more practical in winter,. This cream has a matting effect and is rather thicker in consistency. So if you are not handling the glow of the Alga Maris cream, I can recommend this product here. But if you have very dry skin, you may need to mix it with some oil or something else. Or maybe you will want to apply it with a wet Makeu sponge.

The price is really high at about 37 euros, but again a little goes a long way, it covers very well and is Ecocert certified. Unfortunately it is not vegan. I couldn’t find the cream on any online shops in the States. Sorry! But you can definitely buy it here, and also order testers there!


Alva Sensitive BB Cream LSF20 – light beige

This one should be suitable for very sensitive skin. Since I have more normal to dry skin, I can not say that with 100% confidence, but I’ve heard a lot of good things from people with other skin types! It should be suitable even for people with Rosacea, but I say that without guarantee! When applied, it is first super white, but it adapts to your skin tone. So apparently pigments burst when spreading the cream. So don’t be put off by the first impression! The coverage is medium, but it gives a VERY beautiful complexion! Unfortunately it is sometimes a bit too glowy. In that case I just use a light powder on top. But be careful when squeezing the product out of the tube, at the beginning for me too much always “shot out”.

It’s vegan, Ecocert certified. The color I have is relatively bright, so I only using this product in winter. You can buy it here on Ecco Verde for about 25 euros.


Summary: Since all creams adapt to their different skin tone very well, that means you do not need, as is the case with foundations, exactly the right tone. In general I have to say that there are not many nuances in the shades in the range of these tinted creams. For very very light skin, as well as for dark skin, this product may not be the right solution (you’ll have to test it for yourself). From the price-performance ratio, my absolute favorite is the Alga Maris cream, although this is more than a sun cream, and isn’t actually classified as a BB cream (but I sometimes use it without a base and it still nourishes my skin!).

Which natural cosmetics BB creams or tinted sun creams are your favorites?

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