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Decorating your home in a sustainable way is really not that easy. I used to be a big fan of super affordable mass produced interior products that were quickly available everywhere. At the same time, however, I always had a great love for special vintage pieces. But I never was able to fill the gap between mainstream cheap products and vintage items for a long time and often asked myself:

Where can I get sustainably and fairly produced interior decoration and textiles?

In my last blogpost about sustainability and furniture, I have already shared some information about eco furniture and eco certificates. In addition, I have also showed you some amazing shops for stylish eco-furniture. But today it’s all about decoration and more, about lamps, carpets, cushions, ceramics, baskets, other accessories and smaller interior products:

Atisan Home

Atisan Home is a beautiful boho shop selling carpets, lamps and accessories made from natural materials such as seaweed, water hyacinth, rattan and bamboo. These are fast-growing, robust and durable materials that do not require pesticides or fertilizers. All products are sourced from countries in which the raw materials occur naturally.

For the wood products only certified sustainable wood is used, especially mango wood. This is a by-product of the mango harvest. After the trees no longer bear enough fruit, they are felled after about 7 years and the wood can be processed further.

Atisan Home also focuses on direct trade and also fair prices. The traditional craftsmanship is endangered in many places, as increasingly modern materials such as plastic are used. By direct trade with small businesses and artisans, the tradition is supported.

In the online shop you will find mainly natural baskets, minimalist rugs, rattan products and seagrass lamps.


Until recently, I didn’t necessarily see Urbanara as a mainly sustainable, but rather as a chic and stylish interior shop in my head. That’s a compliment, in my opinion, because it’s not always that easy to combine style and sustainability.

At Urbanara you will find GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified bedding, fair trade accessories, recycled carpets from rPET, untreated and therefore toxin-free decoration and generally many timeless products from natural and fast growing materials – all packaged and shipped in FSC certified boxes!


Pic by Zoe Spawton

Folkdays offers fair fashion as well as handmade interior products. The Folkdays team looks for direct trade relations with the artisans and can thus guarantee fair pay and social working standards. Through this direct trade they help local communities to stay independent from fast fashion and large corporations and to preserve their traditional craft.

In the shop you will find colorful carpets, chic ceramics and generally extraordinary, but timeless designs.





Again, I can recommend the shop Selekkt*. On this page you will find wardrobes, home textiles, decoration and of course furniture (but more about furniture in my previous blog post).

Selekkt is a marketplace for products by young designers, often produced regionally, in high quality and durable in form and function. With a purchase, you actively support small labels and independent, creative designers far from the mainstream.



In terms of young designers and smaller labels Etsy* is also the right place to browse. Not all products are automatically 100% sustainable here, but on Etsy are many creative, small shops and exciting designs listed. I’m either looking directly for vintage products, “zero waste” keywords and always for products from Europe (Shipping & Customs is easier and cheaper).

Motel A Mio

Handmade pottery is currently a great love of mine. Handicrafts always result in unique items that I value and love, such as at Motel A Mio. All products by Motel A Mio are produced, handpicked and painted in an ethical and environmentally friendly way in Portugal.

Nandi Store

At Nandi Store you will definitely make your boho heart happy. In the hand-picked shop you will find colorful carpets, pillows, pots, baskets and lamps!

The concept store and online shop from Berlin combines ethical and handmade products from all over the world. According to Nandi, the decision as to which product will come to the store or with which partner the store works is a long process, since they work together with small labels and NGOs and also have their own products produced in Morocco, Peru, Mexico and Indonesia.


As a kid, I used to like to spend hours browsing the Manufactum catalog, even though we hardly ever bought anything there. The prices are always very high. But again there you buy products for life. The Manufactum philosophy: offering products that we use and not consume (and then discard). Products that are produced responsibly, resource-conserving and socially acceptable. Products that work well, last a long time and are easy to repair.

Meanwhile, I’ve rediscovered the shop for me and when I don’t find household items as a plastic-free alternative, I find them at Manufactum.

House of Dotcity

I have already shared the shop House of Dotcity in my Berlin Interior Store Guide. The owners are super nice and offer mostly ethically produced or recycled products. In the local stores here Berlin you will find a large selection, but now they also have an online shop. Just click here!

Do you know any other interior shops for sustainable decoration and textiles?

Also, do not forget to drop by my blog post on sustainable furniture! By the way, you can also find a nice article about sustainable living on Jäckle & Hösle here!


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  1. Hey,
    Toller Artikel!
    Für Keramik empfehle ich noch die Töpfermärkte, die regelmäßig stattfinden und bei denen man tolle Produkte von Töpfer*innen aus der Region und teilweise ganz Deutschland kaufen kann.
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Toller Beitrag! Kennst du schon den kleinen Onlineshop hejhome.de? Dort gibt es auch eine große Auswahl an nachhaltigen Produkten und tollen kleinen Labels. Liebe Grüße.

  3. Hallo Mia,

    ein toller Beitrag und einen wunderschönen Blog hast du – Gratulation! Ich bin Jasmin von http://www.nordery.com, ein kleiner, feiner Online-Shop für ausschließlich nachhaltige Wohndekoration im nordisch-skandinavischen Designstil. Vielleicht hast ja Lust mal bei uns vorbeizuschauen und zu stöbern. 🙂

    Liebe Grüße und weiterhin viel Erfolg mit deinem Blog,

  4. Vielen Dank für den Beitrag! Ich ziehe in einiger Zeit um und zwar in eine neue Wohnung von https://www.demos.de/, wo ich mehr Platz haben werde. Ich nehme natürlich viele meiner Möbel und Deko mit, dennoch werde ich Neues benötigen. Ich möchte hier primär in Secondhand-Läden suchen, jedoch sind deine vorgestellten Shops auch sehr hilfreich.
    Liebe Grüße,

  5. Hallo, ja ich kenne noch einen weiteren Shop, der unbedingt noch zu der Liste gehören sollte: BellasHerzensSachen. Alles fair und nachhaltig produzierte Deko.

    1. Hi Mia,
      bei bellasherzenssachen.de habe ich auch schon bestellt – die haben wirklich tolle nachhaltige Deko im skandinavischen Stil! Ansonsten gehe ich auch super gern auf kleine Dorf-Flohmärkte weil ich das Feeling so mag 🙂

      Liebe Grüße, Isa

  6. Super Tipps, vielen Dank! Ich lese ihn zwar reichlich spät, aber der Artikel wird ja nicht alt 🙂 Ich finde, dass unbedingt auch https://www.photocircle.net aus Berlin dazu passt, die pflanzen für jeden Print, den man dort kauft, Bäume. Und zwar so, dass das Ganze nicht nur klimaneutral, sondern deutlich klimapositiv wird. Liebe Grüße

  7. Hej liebe Mia,

    danke für Deinen tollen Blogpost zu Nachhaltige Deko und Interior Shops. Ich hab den Post mit großem Interesse gelesen.
    Du fragst nach Inspo zu weiteren Interior Shops für nachhaltige Deko und Textilien und da empfehle ich den Soulbirdee Onlineshop für nachhaltige Deko & Wohntextilien aus nachhaltigen Materialien, die fair und handgemacht hergestellt werden.
    Herzliche Grüße, Ulrike