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I took some time off over the last few days. I wasn’t totally offline but definitely worked less than usual. I still continued my daily vlogging routine until the 24th (see all my Vlogmas videos in German here), but apart from that I took it very easy. Recharging your batteries is always a good idea 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your days off and if you celebrated Christmas, I hope you had a wonderful time!

Before the new year starts with new fresh blogposts, I wanted to first do a roundup of 2017. I picked out my favorite ethical fashion outfit posts. All in all, I didn’t publish so many looks in 2017, mainly because we didn’t return from our trip around the world until April. Many favorites are from autumn, which surprises me a little bit as I am a summer child. But see for yourself:

1. First autumnal outfit of 2017

Let’s start with one of my absolute favorites! I borrowed almost all pieces of this outfit from the Berlin ethical fashion store Loveco, just for the photoshoot. But I would have liked to keep everything, haha. In fact, after a few weeks’ of thinking about the look, I wanted to buy the sweater and jeans, but both were already sold out. That’s ok as well, a few items less in my closet 🙂

2. Wrapped Blouse

Now my favorite summer outfit! A look with a blouse from Etsy and vegan sandals made out of pineapple leather! All details in the link. 

3. Hello from Vienna

I had the great chance to shoot with my boyfriend and the Schloss Schönbrunn. The backdrop was stunning! And I was able to show off my new purchases from Two Thirds! 

4. Bordeaux & Velours

This outfit was super popular on Instagram and I get why. The pants aka skorts are just amazing! Again just borrowed. 

5. Blue Denim Outfit

Somehow I look cooler in this outfit than I actually am. But the long blouse is just stunning. Again just borrowed and all info in the link!

6. Boho Style

Apparently I borrowed quite a lot of items this year, such as this long blouse. I just don’t want to accumulate so many things, but at the same time I want to inspire you regularly and show that ethical fashion is possible for every budget and style! 

7. Hello from Morocco

And another summery inspiration but this time shot in October in Morocco! I just love the black blouse and the airy skirt is perfect for summer AND winter due to its flowy material and the midi length!

8. Checkered Pants

I’m all bundled up here! But the checkered pants are perfect to wear tights underneath! All my skinny jeans are just too tight to wear anything underneath!

9. Last Autumn Outfit

Here I am mainly trying to show off my new vintage hat!

10. I was featured on Journelles!

My fashion highlight of the year was definitely being featured on the German Fashion site Journelles. It’s one of the biggest German fashion platforms and I am so happy that I was able to represent ethical fashion with my wardrobe diary on Journelles! Here you can see my Monday outfit. 

11. Feature on Journelles

Speaking of Journelles: Of course I had to share with you my whole feature here! My favorites are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. And yours?

12. All my World Trip Outfits

And of course I couldn’t leave out my world trip outfits roundup. I only brought a small backpack and it was super liberating to only have a small choice of clothing with me. Of course my choice was made easier by the fact that we traveled to almost only hot countries. I didn’t need any layers then and was able to create many different combinations. 

Speaking of our world trip: I still didn’t post enough blogposts about our big trip, in my opinion. However, I think I had to digest our trip first, reflect a bit and then process it. But now I am ready to share more! I hope you are still interested in hearing about our trip. 


What was your favorite ethical fashion blogpost of 2017 on heylilahey? What was your favorite outfit? 

What would you like to see on heylilahey in 2018 in terms of ethical and green fashion?

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