Coat and bag, vintage. Shoes, H&M. Gloves, Asos. Hat, Monki. Scarf, Vila.

Yes I know, this is not the most stylish or chic outfit ever. What what to do when it is minus 12 degrees celcius outside? Layer up. This is how my mornings look like lately, as it is freezing outside: I put together a gorgeous outfit, then I am sad I can’t wear amazing shoes as my feet would freeze off. I look outside to see if it’s slippery or not and decide then if I wear heels or flats. Then I get annoyed that I have to wear my vintage coat again, as it is the warmest. Realizing I am so late for the tram I just grab randomly warm accesoires, like a hat a scarf and a pair of gloves, and ran outside. And that is how this outfit was created haha 🙂 I swear, my outfit underneath was really stylish 😉



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