I read many many blogs, and I just wanted to do a little post about some blogs I adore right now and want to recommend to you, maybe you don’t know them yet! I found most of these blogs by their comments they left on my blog.

Kristen’s blog post are always capturing and her photos yield some kind of mystery.

Elli charms you with her awe-inspring writing (only in German, sorry) and her eclectic style!

Angela with her blog to find your “inner glow” is truly one of my favorites!

I wish I would have had such a great taste of style at Hanna’s age, minimalistic and intriguing.

Berlin girl Van Ahn takes you on a journey to London where she studies now.

Hanne is a model and beautyblogger living in Paris and after a long “online-friendhip” we will be probably able to meet soon finally, yay!

I can recommend you many many more blogs but this is my selection for now. I am always seeking to discover new blogs, it’s fun and inspiring! So leave a comment and a link and I will check out your blog, it would make me happy!


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