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For the past few weeks, I’ve been sitting in front of the computer, finishing photo projects, making videos, or going to meetings. And all under time pressure because another trip was coming up and I had to prepare a lot. Now I have been traveling the last five days. That’s why it was a bit quieter on the blog. Not optimal, something always came up, but I’ve decided that quality should come before quantity on heylilahey. Since I always talk about slow fashion and slow living, then I should live it so authentic and apply that on my website 🙂

At the same time sponsored posts sometimes pile up in a row (not always, but due to product launches or other deadlines, I have to post some posts on certain dates), if I don’t have any great posts planned for in between, I hope that’s still ok for you. Since I started with self-employment, I have also received more jobs and many projects take up a lot of time and space. This statement may be worn out, but I really only present products and companies that I support and want to present to you guys. The sponsorship only helps me to put more time, equipment and professional help (developers, external photographers) into the content production! If you have any questions about cooperations on heylilahey in general, please let me know. I always try to be as transparent as possible !!

Where am I currently hanging out?

I am currently in South Africa with my boyfriend’s family. Of course, we are visiting some beautiful places in Cape Town and the surrounds, but since family has priority, we actually just hang out most of the time. My boyfriend hasn’t seen his parents and sister for two years. So we are having a lot of quality family time! We will also travel to East London for a few days, for a big family celebration! I’m curious about that too. Incidentally, if you have tips for Cape Town, let me know! I’m here with my family, but we can still do a few trips and if I do something exciting, of course I’ll share it through Instagram Stories, so check it out!

As I was often asked on Instagram, yes, the water shortage is noticeable. Each person is only allowed to use 50 liters of water per day and also the restaurants indicate the water scarcity. Would you like to have an extra post about this?

Right after South Africa I’m heading straight to Bali. Actually, I did not intend to fly back to the island so fast. But a friend of mine quit her job and asked me if I would like to go to Bali with her. Since I wanted to do a girls trip for yeeeaaaarrrsss, I couldn’t say no 🙂 Even though I have already been to Bali twice and have already created a detailed travel guide, I would still appreciate any tips that you have for me. Feel free to comment with them here! The island has so much to offer that I definitely did not discover everything!

Every year at the end of April / beginning of May I visit my family in Serbia for our big family celebration. But more about that, when the time comes!

Self-employment updates

I have been self-employed for almost exactly 6 months. In the beginning I was a bit nervous about the whole thing and accepted almost every cooperation that came my way (of course only if the product was also suitable for heylilahey). In the meantime I have learned to take things a bit easier, but being self-employed is not easy. You never know what the next month will bring and whether enough jobs will come in. So keeping reserves are important. Also, I did a lot of work in November and December (I think it’s not very apparent how long I sit on my laptop, etc.) to have enough buffer for January and February because other bloggers recommended it that way ,

In the long run, however, I would like to expand beyond “just” the blog (which is already a huge project) and build other projects as much as possible. I am currently working on this intensively, but unfortunately I can not reveal anything yet. Around the middle of the year I can, hopefully, give you more details. I don’t really like such secrecy, frankly I hate it when other bloggers do it, but maybe my idea won’t work out, or we change everything, etc. I am not so negative while working on my projects. Actually, I only start thinking about it when I tell others about it. So that’s why I can’t give any concrete information yet. But be excited! I hope you are as excited as I am when the time comes 🙂 But now enough with all secrecy 🙂 

What would you guys want to see on the blog?

As mentioned, I’m trvaeling for the next few weeks. I’ve planned food diaries, outfit lookbooks, travel guides, beauty posts, updates, etc. But if you have any special content requests, let me know! What I’m currently working on is my comprehensive natural cosmetics guide. Just to give you some advanced warning!

I hope you liked my update! Let me know if you have any questions or requests!

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  1. Sehr, sehr gerne einen Bericht über die Wasserknappheit in Südafrika! Ich fände es sehr spannend zu hören, was 50L pro Tag heißt für das tägliche Leben. Ich habe selbst meinen Verbrauch ja noch nie gemessen. Auch was die Leute dort darüber denken würde mich sehr interessieren! Macht ihnen das alles Angst für die Zukunft? Sehen sie Lösungswege?

    1. Liebe Antonia, mein Beitrag ist nun online 🙂
      Darin beschreibe ich, wie wir 50L Wasser verbrauchen. Glaube Deutschland ist recht wassersparsam und verbraucht 120 Liter??? Bin mir grad nicht sicher, wieviel genau.
      Und ja, die Leute haben Angst, aber so lang keine Panikmache verbreitet wird, hält die Stadt eigentlich zusammen. Und Lösungswege sind kompliziert…das konnte ich leider nicht allumfassend aufzeigen.

  2. Toller Beitrag! Ich selber tu mich ehrlich gesagt ab und zu mal schwer sehr ins persönliche zu gehen, wenn ich Blogposts schreibe. Aber ich merke immer wieder, dass ich solche Blogposts einfach am liebsten lese, weil ich ein unglaublich neugieriger Mensch bin. Danke, dass du uns mit nimmst und so persönlich von dir erzählst 😉
    Danke auch für den Tipp “GetChanged”! Kannte ich bisher noch nicht.

    1. Kenne das ja auch von mir…fällt mir eigentlich auch super schwer, aber in letzter Zeit, klappt es immer besser, persönlicher zu schreiben. Ich glaube auch, weil ich mehr Zeit habe, meine Gedanken für den Blog zu ordnen. Neben einem Vollzeitjob ist das schwer!

      Freut mich!
      Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar und deine Email 🙂