My outfit from yesterday: tartan skirt and a grey Pullover from Monki!

This weekend was Bremen bound! Jesse usually visits me regularly in Berlin, nearly every second weekend, but now and then I do the long distance thing, hop on a train on Friday night and spend an amazing two days filled with friends, food an fun in Bremen.

Friday afternoon still in sunny Berlin! I love when it’s sunny in autumn. I actually don’t mind winter and autumn that much, it’s just usually too long and grey here in Germany! Here I am standing in Berlin Mitte during our lunch break. Thank you Julia, for the picture 🙂

I arrived in Bremen around midnight. The station was so full, people everywhere! I realized that the annual fair called “Freimarkt! was going on with lots of rides and food stands.

The next morning I got a nice surpise from Jesse: Vegan whole wheat pancakes with raspberries, yoghurt, blackstrap molasses and the best: maple sirup.

New arm candy! I “inherited” them from my friend Alex, who is going to India in a few weeks. So amazing! This is also a reason why I visited Bremen, to see her before her big trip!

I also shot some new outfit pictures for you guys! It was unusually warm for Mid-October so I could go coat-free 🙂

Bye bye Bremen! It was a pleasure as always! Next time I want to visit when the Christmas market is going on. Bremen has one of the most beautiful ones I know!

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