Illustration with oil pastel

Do you recognize this girl? It’s Aimee Song from Song of Style. I met her last September during Fashion Week and she was such a nice and sweet person, I loved talking with her about Fashion Week and other fashion related stuff 🙂 Some time ago she posted one of my illustrations on her blog, so sweet! But it was only an illustration made on the computer when I had not so much experience yet with my graphic tablet. Her last posts really inspired me, so I thought to create another illustration, this time a “real” one, of her 🙂
Hope you like it, tell me what you think! Check out my etsy store HERE!



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  1. This is beautiful! I do believe this is your best work yet. I love all the colors you chose and the detail in her face and hair is amazing. Oh, and I really like all the illustrated icons on the sidebar.