Yay! I attended the Dandy Diary X Facehunter Party last week in Berlin before all the Berlin Fashion Week madness started. And I even met the Facehunter, surrounded by a big group of pretty girls, of course 😉 He liked my mask and disposable camera and took a photo of me. Nicole found it and here it is 🙂 This made me happy. His pictures are all really cool and fun! Nice memory!

I even talked to him a bit and I found out that he is half Serbian like me and we chatted a bit in Serbian. He offered me to grab a drink at the bar and as soon as we reached the bar a blonde tall model-chic grabbed him and pulled him away and that was it then, haha such a cliché moment, this could have happened in a movie 😉

A had a really really great time at the party, thank you for this crazy event with crazy people and circus tents! My photos from my disposable camera will follow soon!



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