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It’s not time yet, but hopefully shortly after the official start of spring, despite the continuing cold temperatures, the summery mood will start. For all of you who are already looking forward to summer and sunshine and already planning the holiday season, I have some fashion inspiration for you today: simple, chic and of course fair produced outfit ideas for the holidays!

I skipped the second half of this winter once again. I was in South Africa to visit my boyfriend’s family (or rather, fiancee, I’m not used to it, haha) for the last three weeks. And after a short stopover in Berlin I am enjoying another three weeks in the sun (you can find out exactly where I am and follow my journey on Instagram).

It was not super hot in South Africa. There were also some windy and rainy days. That’s why I think I’ve put together a very diverse lookbook that I really want to share with you! Maybe there is some outfit inspiration for you and I have also included a few newcomers from the new spring collections. Also, I’ve tried to keep the lookbook as minimalistic as possible, but still present a fashionable compilation. I’m curious what you say! I also created a video (see below)!

Disclaimer: some products were provided to me as a PR sample (marked with *), but I was not paid to wear or write about them.

Look 1 Perfect all-rounder!

During my trip around the world (as backpacker with only one backpack for 6 months) I realized that simple strap dresses are the perfect all-rounder! They are perfect for the layered look, are the perfect choice in the hot tropics, but can also be great for cooler summer evenings depending on the length of course. In very humid countries, I always pack a short version. In South Africa, a long dress was the better choice due to the moody and ever changing weather!

The long dress is from Armedangels*, and is actually from the last winter collection. I found it to be very wearable in winter (with layers and a few red accents you can also make it festive!), And now provides a nice boho look on warmer days. It’s sold out, but here is a similar one.

The short version I have from Jan’n June and have had for a long time and also on the world trip! It is simply super simple and versatile, e.g. for a day at the beach (super comfortable and you can just throw over it), but also, with the right accessories, good for a chic evening! It’s sold out as well, but here is the long version.

Look 2 Cozy and casual.

Another must-have, which I find simply super comfortable but also practical: T-shirt dresses! With a loose cut, you’ll always feel comfortable in them, and if you want to make it a little fancier, just tie a long ribbon around your waist!

This T-shirt dress is from the fair fashion label Jungle Folk* and comes from their evergreen collection. This means that this model will always be available as a Basic. I think this is a great idea, and goes against the trend in the crazy world of fashion, in which new collections come on the market every 2-3 months (at least in the fast-fashion scene).

The backpack is by the way by Verena Bellutti, vegan, sustainable and ethically produced!

Look 3 Airy and long.

On the trip around the world I learned to appreciate a long skirt (for that trip I had a long gray skirt made from organic cotton). As long as it has an airy and light cut, it fits perfectly for many different situations – during a city break, on the beach for quick pulling over a swimsuit, for appropriate clothing at religious sites …. In the video I paired it with my favorite swimsuit!

This one is from the label Maska* and I already introduced the skirt here in detail!

Look 4 Love affair with shorts.

A piece that is a must in the summer and especially on vacation: well fitting shorts! Denim shorts are just soooo versatile! In the tropics, I don’t necessarily recommend jeans fabric, but rather light, loose materials. Since these pack together super small, I always take a few pairs. Perfect to create different combinations!

The tops in the video are from Jan’n June (my absolute favorite tank top in the summer !!! Great recommendation !!!) as well as the T-shirt from the great project Izuba Clothing*.

Look 5 2-in-1 companion.

What I also never forget to bring: a wrap dresses!!! I think they are cut to always be flattering on any figure, because you can individually tie the bands higher, lower, narrower or wider, depending on your waist. And my trick, which I love since the trip around the world: I sometimes wear the wrap dress open as a cardigan / kimono! So you also have one layer more, which I found very useful in South Africa, where the weather was sometimes a bit unpredictable!

I have this wrap dress from a small shop in Cambodia. Keep your eyes peeled for a similar one in vintage shops!

Look 6 Nice eye-catcher.

Last but not least, we come to a piece that does not necessarily belong in the standard holiday wardrobe, but can provide that extra something: a well-fitting jumpsuit. I emphasize “well-fitting” because I was not a big fan of jumpsuits for a long time. They never flattered my figure and even though I found Jungle Folk’s model to be great at Fashion Week, I was not a big fan at first. Pauline from Jungle Folk, however, convinced me to try the jumpsuit and I’m so glad that she did! Because it just fits perfectly, makes a great figure and I can even hide a small food baby under it very well!

But the jumpsuit also looks great on others as I was able to see at Fashion Week. It was one of the most popular pieces of clothing in the Fashion Changers Lounge for bloggers!

I hope I was able to provide some inspiration for your next summer vacation! Let me know what you always pack for warmer regions and what is a big must for you!! And don’t forget to check out my lookbook video as well, which shows all the outfits in better detail!

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  1. Your outfit ideas and color combination is really rocking. Loved this very much. You look beautifu, love that you wear. Now that I have little girl (17 months) I find myself wearing light colors pinks, whites, yellow. I used to wear more black, but now I want to match baby dressed in pink. It also changed my mood mommy love