Jacket, American Apparel. Leopard shirt, Zara. Blouse, H&M. Pants, vintage. Bag, Asos. Shoes, Nelly.

Two amazing bargains I received last week – Nelly shoes in the Acne Pistol Boots design (for an unbelievable price of 35 Euros! I think that’s like, let me think, 1% of the original price?) and an Asos handbag in the must-have “color” of autumn: metallic (or how Rachel Zoe would call it: gilver!!!). Current obstacles: applying for american graduate schools and trying to start seriously working out again. Why why why do University applications have to be so complicated? Is anybody applying for graduate school, too right now?

Anyway, starting to get off my butt and start working out again has been proven to be an even more difficult mission. In the evening I just want to cook, eat and snuggle under a warm blanket. But this has to end, starting next monday I will sign up for a gym and get moving 🙂 Maybe I will post my work out plan…

Have a great weekend!!!



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