Thailand Travel Guide

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Thailand is just the perfect vacation destination – pretty beaches, super yummy food, amazing people, a super easy transport system, cheap prices, exciting cities, beautiful landscapes, interesting villages and a super interesting inland! The land of smiles is definitely one of my favorite travel destinations! 

During our world trip but also last year during a blogger press trip, I got to know the country quite well. All in all I’ve spent 5 weeks in Thailand and wrote many articles about my time there! As I am often asked about these articles and as it’s sometimes a bit confusing to navigate on blogs, I decided to summarize all my Thailand content in one Thailand Travel Guide blogpost:

Bangkok Travel Guide

Bangkok – for many tourists the starting point of a Thailand trip. Due to its size I really didn’t have any desire to explore the city a lot – at first! Because in the end I loved it there! Yes, it is loud, hot, busy and crazy there but a visit to Bangkok is so worth it!!! I summarized my favorite sightseeing as well as my favorite vegan food spots (including one of my favorite restaurants EVER!!!):

Thailand Travel Guide

Beach time

Of course most travelers choose to spent most of their time at Thailand beaches. I definitely didn’t visit all the important beaches and I am not an expert when it comes to beaches in Thailand. But I summarized my personal experiences: 


Thailand Travel Guide

The North of Thailand

As I mentioned, many people choose to just hang out at the beaches. But Thailand’s countryside has SO much to offer! I love Northern Thailand and spent most of my time there. There are so many national parks, hiking trails, waterfalls, interesting villages and amazing food to discover! I wrote a lot about Northern Thailand:





  • Anyone who has the time should also make a stop in Chiang Rai. Many locals visit the town during their vacation from busy, hot Bangkok as the climate is a bit cooler and the night market is super entertaining (and not as overrun as in Chiang Mai) and I really enjoyed visiting the White Temple of Chiang Rai:


Have you ever been to Thailand? How did you like and and where did you go exactly? And if not, would you like to visit Thailand one day? 


Thailand Travel GuideThailand Travel GuideThailand Travel Guide

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