Photo by Happy Because. Wearing American Apparel dress & tights. MIA shoes, Bag, Primark.

Today starts Berlin Fashion Week and even though it’s not my first fashion week, I am super excited and even nervous! It’s not just about going to the shows and clapping and smiling, a lot is about to see and to be seen!
My first Fashion Show ever was actually in New York! Jesse is from New York so once when we visited his family I made it to the tents! You can’t believe how a dream came true for me then! I’ve randomly out together some of my special moments in the last years!

Heute beginnt die Berlin Fashion Week und obwohl es nicht meine erste Fashion Week mehr ist, bin ich super gespannt und aufgeregt! Es geht auch nicht nur um die Shows sondern ein großer Teil des Fashion Week Tra-Ras ist das Sehen und Gesehen werden!
Meine erste Fashion Show überhaupt war sogar in New York! Jesse ist aus New York, so dass ich es im September 2010 und 2011 ins Fashion Week Zelt geschafft habe, als wir bei seiner Familie zu Besuch waren 🙂 Nach dem Klick seht ihr eine kleine zufällig angeordnete Zusammenstellung meiner liebsten Momente! (aus Zeitgründen ist der Rest auf Englisch, sorry, bitte kommentiert, falls ich so etwas lassen soll)

Crazy cool details at the Rebekka Ruetz Show in Berlin.

Model off duty look in NY. People thought I was part of the show…haha Photo by JuxtaPOW

Brrrr…I hated the weather at Berlin Fashion Week. Didn’t like it…But I found a warm but fashionable outfit.

Lovely Sarah from! She took some street style pics of me!

Maxilie and I, one of the nicest people I know! We will be a great duo again this season 🙂

Holy Ghost, one of my favorite shows in Berlin.

My girls Aimee (from Song Of Style) and Nadia (froufrouu). I loved hanging out with them. The event was called Blogger’s Night Out (similar to the Fashion Blogger Cafe in Berlin) and it’s so amazing that I got invited to a Fashion Week Event in New York with my tiny blog (back then I only had very few readers)! Americans just realize how important and influential bloggers are.

It-Bag spotting at Bread and Butter. Told you a year ago how amazing this bag from Sophie Hulme is and now it’s nearly sold out 🙂

A year ago at the Dandy Diary x Facehunter party!

My favorite outfit at NYFW.

At the Dandy DIary Party this past January when he was still making out with another girl rather than Bonnie, and now Bonnie and him are already married – crazy celebrity world!

Chiara (theblondesalad) and Anjuli ( at the Fashiolista Get Together in NYC with !! Chiara is such a sweet girl but also spoiled, she was always chauffeured around the city and never took the Subway. Taking the Subway is fun! You meet crazy cool people there 🙂 and it’s usually faster than a cab. Anyway, no wonder this girl is so famous now. She is super sweet in real life and remembered me from a painting I made of her, she recognized me immediately. Amazing! Many other bloggers that I meet once don’t recognize me or ignore me the second time.

Carolina from Fashionsquad. She is one of the first bloggers I ever followed. She was also super sweet and chatted with me and didn’t seem arrogant at all like some other bloggers said. She was happy to meet many different bloggers from all over the world. What was funny was that her voice is unexpectedly deep 🙂

Jessica Weber took this photo of me. She is a photographer based in Berlin and I always spot her during Fashion Week taking street style pics. This year Jesse, my boyfriend, is assisting her.

Ok so this was my most exciting Fashion Week experience ever! For NYFW I just wrote to every designer showing trying to get an invite (my blog was super small back then) and next to others I got an invite from Joy Cioci!!!! The presentation was so amazing, I got goosebumps and couln’t believe I was invited to such an exclusive event and see the artists creativity as one of the first! But what really made me shiver was when the Designer, Joy, recognized me across the room and waved to me! After that I came up to her and we talked abit. I was super nervous but I am happy I had the courage to do a short interview with her! It’s so crazy that I was invited with my tiny little blog. She liked it and saw potential and that is how she became famous, she believed in people and the online media and now she is dressing Hollywood stars. Again, Americans now how to use Social Media and Blogger cooperations!

Color mis-matching in NY – New Yorkers loved it!

I and chicmuse!

Erin Wasson! I read in the News Paper that she will be in a certain store during Fashion’s Night Out and I stalked her and she was really there! She was so sweet and I was super nervous, lol. How do you like my style there? Erin and I match 🙂

Yeeeees, I met Rumi Neely in 2010, super sweet but tired after the Rebecca Minkoff presentation where she modeled! And now? Rebecca Minkoff is a super brand now! Again a person who understood the importance of social media and blogger cooperations for her business.

My first Fashion Week Show ever: the Wes Gordon presentation in 2010.




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  1. Tolle Bilder! Ich mag dein winterliches Berlin Fashion Week Outfit und dein Lieblingsoutfit von der NYFW ist auch wirklich toll! Und ich persönlich mag es immer mal etwas auf englisch zuz lesen 😀 das frischt meine Englischkenntnisse immer mal ein wenig auf 😉
    Viel Spaß auf der Fashion Week! Das ist bestimmt ne tolle Zeit, den Trubel würde ich mir auch mal gerne ansehen 😉

  2. Super interessanter Artikel, Mia! Krass, wen Du schon alles live gesehen hast. Das Winteroutfit finde ich auch ziemlich perfekt. Ich wünsche dir eine schöne Zeit in Berlin, liebe GRüße, Koko

  3. En toller Rückblick von dir! Wie du schon selbst sagst, die Amerikaner wissen einfach, wie man mit Bloggern & Social Media umgeht! Die deutschen können sich gerne eine Scheibe davon nehmen! Du hast ja Mega viele Menschen kennengelernt! War bestimmt eine tolle Erfahrung