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Since switching to Fair Fashion, I am not only interested in the conditions and materials used to make my clothes, but also how to best care for my clothes so that they last a long time. After all, having to constantly buy new fair fashion is not really sustainable. Textile care definitely has a big impact on the longevity of fabric, cut and seams. The more often I wash a garment, the faster it will “wear out”. That’s why I use only very gentle organic detergent, only air out many pieces and wash often using the gentle cycle.

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However in terms of hygiene, for example for underwear and sportswear, it’s hard to get around washing after one-time wearing – until now.

Organic Basics promises that you will not have to wash the new SilverTech collection even after an intense sports session after several days or even weeks. I’ll explain today how it works. Below, I also share my personal experience with the new SilverTech collection, whether it really is not smelly at all after a workout and how it feels. 

You know that I’m a big fan of “less is more”. Also when it comes to sportswear I do not need much bells and whistles but most important to me is a comfortable cut, functionality and longevity. I didn’t really find that in the ethical fashion scene. Either the cut was not perfect, the quality was bad (which it definitely shouldn’t be if it’s ethical fashion…), I didn’t like the look or the materials were not good enough.

Recently, however, I received the new collection of sportswear from Organic Basics and can tell you wonderful news: At Organic Basics you will find sustainable materials, ethical production, simple but modern designs and colors, as well as unique functionality in one product. I already wrote about the sustainable and fair underwear and activewear label from Denmark here. I was especially impressed with their seamless and sustainable underwear. But today it’s all about their new activewear collection:

What’s so special about it?

The leggings, the bra and the shirt that I am wearing in these pics are made of the new SilverTech material, which Organic Basics says keeps the clothes fresh and hygienic, even over several days. So you don’t need to wash the items so often, which saves time, detergent, energy and, of course, water. Perfect for reducing your own ecological footprint and not over-caring for your clothes.

How does it work exactly?

Processing with silver creates a naturally anti-microbial material that stays fresh for longer, even after intense workout sessions. By the way, the silver comes from recycled sources (without nano silver, read more here) and the nylon fabric is also recycled. The collection is produced sustainably and ethically in Portugal in low-emission factories with a lower average water consumption than other textile mills.

My experience

This all sounds great in the company description, but does the product really keep its promise? Is it really possible to wear a T-shirt several times during workouts without it getting a bit smelly? Does such a high-tech product feel good on your skin? I have tested the set consisting of leggings, sports bra and T-shirt.

Comfort and first impression:

The leggings immediately felt great. I am especially critical with leggings. I hardly wear ethical fashion leggings since so far only my old fast-fashion model was perfect for all the different types of workout I do. But Organic Basics has really created a great model:

  • The cut is soft and seamless – the pants do not cut in at the belly and only in the inside you will find a “real” seam. All other seams are super soft and hidden. Comfort and the perfect fit of a workout leggings are really the most important thing for me! Around the belly, I need a soft, yet figure-hugging cut, so I feel comfortable, can do any sport and can wear the leggings on bloated days as well.
  • The soft colors are super versatile – with the color choices Black, Sea Blue and Burgundy, there is a wonderful color scheme that is fun, yet not too cliché “Sporty-Girly”.
  • The material is made of recycled nylon, is super soft, stretches perfectly, but does not wrinkle or wear out
  • The breathable zones on the knees and on the side make the whole thing even more breathable


Does it smell???

The question you were waiting for: I tested the set during a few pilates sessions, when I shot the photos for this blogpost (I ran and jumped a lot in the sun), went for a few bike rides in it when it was hot and did an aerial yoga workout. Currently I cannot do super intense interval trainings as I am a bit out of shape when it comes to strength and cardio, but I still sweated every time.

At first, when I still had the items on, I did kinda notice a bad smell. But I wasn’t sure, if it was on me or on the material. When I took the leggings, bra and shirt off and let it air out, I indeed couldn’t detect a bad smell…it was crazy! I usually always wash my workout clothes after each session and now they still smell fine! My husband was also pretty impressed and now he wants numerous t-shirts out of the material 😀


And more good news:

I have a coupon code for you. With HEYLILAXOB you receive a 15% discount on all Organic Basics items (no minimum order value, worldwide redeemable, no end date, free shipping for orders over 80 Euro or 100 Dollars).

But note: Buy only what you need, even if the discount code might seduce you. After all, the motto “Less is More” also applies to ethical fashion. Nevertheless, I like to share the discount code, because I am really convinced of the products and I know that they are not super cheap. Maybe the discount helps your budget a little bit!

A few more infos about the company Organic Basics in case you missed my last blogpost collab with them: 
  • The company comes from Copenhagen and produces underwear, basics and activewear made out of organic cotton and recycled materials as sustainable and fair as possible – sustainability is the company’s key focus 

  • Organic Basics focuses on sustainable, but also durable materials and designs that are timeless and can be worn over a long period of time. If you have any feedback or questions about the quality, the company and its customer support are very open

  • The new SilverTech Activewear line is made from Italian recycled nylon and is more durable than other, conventional nylon. It’s made from pre-consumer textile waste meaning waste materials that is already produced during manufacturing process in other textile companies. This nylon requires 80% less water and 90% less emissions than new nylon textiles.


Do you have any questions about the products?
Let me know! I know this is advertising, but at the same time an honest recommendation, as many of you regularly ask me for tips on good ethical fashion sportswear. And finally, I have an answer for you.

Do you have ethical fashion workout clothes? Are you satisfied with them or are you still looking? I am looking forward to your feedback.


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  1. Liebe Mia

    Das sind sehr sehr seeeehr schöne Fotos geworden! Und den Artikel finde ich auch super gut 🙂
    Nachhaltige Active Wear ist echt n schwieriges Thema – mag bisher HeyHoney Yoga gern, aber hab zum Glück auch aussortierte Leggings von einer lieben Freundin geerbt.


  2. Hi, I’m curious if the material show sweat/stains/wetness or if it absorbs more in the fabric? I do sweat a lot and do not like the wet patches under the arms is too visible, so I want to know if you think sweat is very visible in this fabric?

  3. The leggings immediately felt great. I am especially critical of leggings. I hardly wear ethical fashion leggings. But I am comfortable with this type of dress. Thanks for sharing this information with us. This site also offer any type of outwear.