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This post is long overdue, but I must confess that I never really had the “problem” of finding fair clothes for the office. After my studies I worked in a scientific institute where there was no dress code at all. And then in the PR agency where I worked, there was also not really any dress code. The main rule was to just be dressed appropriately when customers came. And now as a self-employed person, I can usually choose what I want to wear. However, I understand what it’s like to be subject to a certain dress code. During my work at trade fairs and similar events, I always had to be dressed in “business chic”.

Today I want to show you some business chic outfit inspirations. I have divided these into different categories, as each industry has it’s own specific dress code, I think. But first of all, I wanted to share some brands with you where you can generally find good, fair clothes for the office.

Disclaimer: This blog post is not paid or sponsored. But some links are affiliate links. I marked this next to the link and you can find an explanation of what that means at the bottom!


The best brands for the fair fashion business outfits

  • Hessnatur – Hessnatur offers the all-round package from a big and very classic selection of blazers, trousers and blouses. Not always super cheap, but the materials are super environmentally friendly, of high quality and if you check out the items on sale you will always find great bargains.
  • Vaniliathe Shop is currently almost completely in Dutch. That will change soon hopefully, because the designs are simple, chic, but still mega fashionable! Shipping to Germany costs 7.95 euros.
  • Filippa K – Anyone looking for the classic business outfit is in the right place at Filippa K (member of the Fair Wear Foundation). However, the individual pieces are very expensive and are therefore more suitable as investment pieces that last for life.
  • DAI – super chic Business styles made to order from the UK!
  • Vandernag offer also super fancy business styles but specifically for bigger sizes!
  • BLOUSES: ArmedangelsArmedangels (Affiliate Link) is simply the place to go for fair fashion and even if you do not find the typical business blazer outfit here, in my opinion you will still find blouses, tops and simple skirts that are perfect for a business look.
  • BLOUSES: Jannjune – A peak at the Jannjune Online-Shop is also worthwhile for blouses and pants, as the designers always rely on minimalist cuts that include certain, special details. In the sale section the prices are more than fair!
  • BLOUSES: People Tree – you will also find a good selection of chic, but also playful blouses at People Tree (Affiliate Link) 
  • DENIM: I think in some offices, a great option is the typical cool-but-chic outfit made up of well-fitting jeans, Blazer and shoes. You can find a wide selection of denim, from Kings of Indigo, Mud Jeans and Armedangels for example.
  • BAGS: Matt & Nat (Affiliate Link) – As far as vegan bags go, they are the best for business bags!
  • SHOES: On Avesu and Beyond Skin there is a good selection of different vegan options. I personally already have 2 pairs of Good Guys, as well as a pair of Bourgeois Boheme. I had to break in all three pairs a couple of times, but now they are perfect! the vegan loafers from Zarini are also super comfortable and highly recommendable! I tested them myself and I loved them!


As you see, I have linked mostly higher priced brands (and of course there are many more brands. You can find a long list in my ethical fashion guide). But you do not need many investment pieces for your Business Capsule Wardrobe. I remember 5 years ago, I bought a pair of trousers and a matching blazer for what was a rather high price for me then (I had just finished studying, and was looking for a job) and I am still wearing the two pieces today! The blazer is classically cut, black and fits perfectly. A great investment! Also, you can find a lot of stuff second hand and then make changes pretty quickly and inexpensively.

The essential Business Capsule Wardrobe Pieces for me would be: Blazer, trousers, possibly second Blazer, a practical bag for the office, skirt and loafers. Everything else, blouses, shirts, accessories, possibly other pieces to combine, can be found great second hand, or depending on the season on sale for a good price.

So do not be put off by the prizes right now, maybe you’ll find some basics on sale, or be inspired by my collages below to new outfits. Often, we do not always have to buy something new, but we can simply recombine old pieces. As always, I do not want to cause pointless buying with these thousands of product images and links. Think about what you already have, how you can combine it better, what you are missing, if you can find it second hand, buy in the sale or even invest in a couple key pieces. Let me know if you have questions.


But now to the outfit inspirations, divided into different categories:


I did not want to fall into the two-piece trap, but also wanted to introduce looks that are rather androgynous. That’s why I have an inspiration from super straight white blouses, dark blue pants and bright shoes for you. Especially in Berlin, you can often see super chic outfits, which are styled with sneakers which forms a cool contrast. If you want to make the look a bit more feminine, you can combine it with statement earrings and small accessories such as silk-shawls.

  • Earrings, Soko (maybe you already have statement earrings, Second Hand is also always an option!)
  • Scarf, Second Hand Hermes (this one is a bit expensive, but just an example. You can also find some really good ones in vintage stores)
  • Blouses from left to right: Armedangels, Thokk Thokk (50 Euro), Armedangels, (Affiliate Link, 70€) 
  • Pants from left to right: Hessnatur
  • Vegan sneakers, Good Guys, 119€ 
  • Vegan shows from Avesu 120€
  • Vegan bag, Matt & Nat (Affiliate Link) 165€



Again, a little contrast: Fashionable pieces are combined in this look with business-chic clothing. This creates a chic, yet very fashionable look. A rather trendy outfit, almost Paris chic!



I intentionally called this outfit “just boss” and included pink details. Why should not a boss be able to exhibit femininity? Of course, it may also be that it is not your color, so just imagine any other accent color, e.g. Blue, turquoise or red.




This is how I imagine the classic office look. Pleated trousers, blouse, possibly a skirt or business dress and black loafers or pumps. In addition, color-coordinated accessories finish the outfit!



In some offices, your clothing doesn’t only have to be chic, but it needs to also have a certain fashionable and creative aspect. For instance in creative agencies, in PR agencies or in certain editorial departments. To look chic, but not boring, I have selected the following pieces:


Do you still have any questions? Do you need special shopping or styling tips? Which look is your favorite? Where do you prefer to shop for a fair fashion office look?

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  1. Liebe Mia, vielen lieben Dank dir für diesen tollen Beitrag! Da sind Teile dabei, auf die hat man umgehend Lust. Und so wunderbar, dass du zeigst, wie alltagstauglich Fairfashion ist und dass sie nicht unbedingt teurer als Fastfashion ist.

    Die Collagen: Machst du Screenshots von den Produkten, stellst sie mit PhotoShop frei und fügst sie dann zusammen? Oder benutzt du ein WordPress Plugin?

    Danke für deine Rückmeldung :*