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Warm, cuddly sweaters are always a good choice, especially in the middle of winter (even if it doesn’t feel like it at the moment). In terms of ethical fashion, the chances of finding a chic piece increases from year to year. But if you are looking for a pretty, ethically produced, sustainable AND vegan sweater at the same time, then it gets a bit more difficult. To save you the time and pain of doing the long research I selected a few of my favorites for you:

  1. Mustard sweater, Thought Clothing (100% Organic Cotton, produced under fair working conditions through their own strict code of conduct, which was worked out together with the International Labor Organization)
  2. Bordeaux sweater, Frieda Sand (GOTS organic cotton)
  3. Dark blue sweater with stripes, Beaumont Organic (GOTS 100% organic cotton, made in Portugal)
  4. Red oversized, Beaumont Organic (GOTS 100% organic cotton, made in Portugal)
  5. Wide kimono sweater, Wunderwerk (GOTS certified organic cotton, made in Greece)
  6. Fringe sweater, Hati Hati (Ethically produced on Bali)

  1. Printed Sweater, Thinking Mu (100% organic cotton)
  2. Fleece Sweater, Patagonia (bluesign™ and Fair Trade Certified™)
  3. Terracota Knit, Two Thirds (More about their production here)
  4. Grey knitted sweater, Hessnatur (GOTS certified 100% organic cotton)
  5. Green knit, Armedangels (GOTS certified 100% organic cotton & PETA approved vegan)
  6. Beige fleece, Jan’n June


PS: In general, I always prefer natural fabric. Cashmere and wool are just perfect for the winter. Both are super warm and I don’t know of any better fabric. But of course I don’t just blindly buy wool. I prefer products made out of certified organic wool and I like to buy wool and cashmere 2nd hand. Just to give you some info and maybe inspiration, since I have shown here almost only cotton sweaters. How do you approach buying clothing? Do you live 100% vegan and don’t even buy second hand wool? Which materials do you prefer?

PPS: My vegan fashion guide for autumn might be interesting for you!



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vegane pullover

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  1. Tolle Empfehlungen <3
    Ich suche immer ewig, ehe ich einen neuen Pullover finde, der meinen Ansprüchen gerecht wird und gleichzeitig auch gut aussieht. Mir gefällt bei deinen Tipps ganz besonders der Fringe Sweater, Hati Hati, aber auch der Bordeaux Sweater und der dunkelblauer Pullover mit Streifen sehr (schade nur, dass es kein deutscher Shop ist) sind klasse