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(German Version here / auf Deutsch) *** Finally an outfit post and a few thoughts about the end of the summer:

Friday last week, almost exactly at 5pm summer said goodbye with a big bang, thunder and rain! But it was a great summer that for me already started in February. I was traveling with Jesse in South Africa until mid-March and almost directly afterwards, Elli and I went to Bali for three weeks !! When I returned, as always, Serbia was on my itinerary (I’m there every May) and when I came back the heat wave of 2018 was in full force in Germany! 

In retrospect, I would have liked to make more of the summer, to be honest. Now I’m sitting in our dark apartment, the rain is falling against our windows and Jesse is making us hot chocolate in the kitchen. And I love it and I’m looking forward to fall! But as I said, I think that I may have not fully taken advantage of the great weather in the last few months. I was only at the lakes here in Berlin a total of four times! Why? First of all, I just worked a lot, traveled a lot, was busy, but sometimes I was just super lazy… I’m not really a big bucket-list person, but maybe I should have written one for the summer, or journaling, or something like that. Because when you write down your best moments, this feeling of having missed something doesn’t come up so much! Maybe I’ll get into journaling and / or doing bucket lists again!

Back to the actual topic of today’s blog post: My last real summer outfit of 2019! As you know, I hardly post any outfit photos lately because I share them anyway on Instagram (if you want to support me, follow me on Instagram, where I share a lot of eco fashion and eco beauty insights!) and also I find pure outfit posts on the blog relatively superficial, even if they are all Ethical Fashion here on heylilahey.

BUT I think that every now and then Good Plain Old Blogger Fashion Looks are good for the soul! Have fun with it!

For years and years I just hated jumpsuits, they never really looked good on me, in my opinion! Thanks to Jungle Folk (you can find this wonderful grey / blue / white jumpsuit here) I finally started to like them and as part of a collaboration with Showroom in the beginning of September (see Instagram, advertising), I came into possession of this wonderful model in black! I’m convinced that the cut suits almost everyone and I am definitely looking forward to style it now in fall as well!

Still, I wish I had discovered the jumpsuit a few months earlier to show it off in it’s full glory without layering. Now it is getting way too cold for that. BUT we still have next year and the layered look makes outfits more interesting, I think.

What do you think about the outfit? Is it a worthy “farewell to summer” look? How would you style the jumpsuit in autumn?

Outfit Details:

  • Jumpsuit, Lovjoi via Showroom (PR Sample / Ad & Affiliate Link), more ethical fashion by young designers here (Affiliate Link)
  • Sandals, vegan, Bourgeois Boheme (self bought)
  • Earrings, Fair Trade, Kaligarh (PR Sample)
  • Bag, Second Hand, similar here or here (Affiliate Links)



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