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Until recently if you had asked me what ethical fashion items I still struggle to find, or where I still make exceptions, then the answer would probably have been a surprise to you:


Sure, there are many companies that make sustainable, beautiful and ethical underwear. I have several blogposts and videos dedicated to this topic. However, I’ve been wearing only seamless panties for several years and, unfortunately I could only find them made by fast fashion labels.

Why seamless panties, you may ask? I bought seamless panties for the first time before our trip around the world and it just feels like you’re not wearing anything, nothing is pinching or uncomfortable, there’s never a seam visible under the dress or under your pants and I personally think it makes my skin feel better if panties don’t constantly cut into my skin, no matter how loose they fit. I just have become very sensitive in that area. 

So yes, here’s my big confession: Until recently I bought seamless panties from Fast Fashion Brands since my Ethical Fashion Journey started, not often, but still… UNTIL NOW! Because I finally found a sustainable alternative:

The Danish underwear and ethical fashion brand Organic Basics offers exactly the alternative that I was looking for – the Invisible Cheeky Briefs. They are made from 100 percent recycled nylon and a thin organic cotton lining (I mention this because in this sensitive area cotton and not nylon makes sense and that fortunately is the case here). They do not roll up on the side, despite the lack of a seam, sit perfectly and comfortably.

(PS: I think I will not post a picture with me in panties, so that’s why I created this flat lay here :)) hope you like it and you can see it well! Otherwise you can see the panties worn in the Organic Basics webshop.)

Yes, they are not the cheapest, but in my experience such products last forever with good care. The care instructions can be found here. Admittedly, I may have paid a fifth of the price for such a pair of panties before. But now I can be sure that I am going for a sustainable and ethical version. And I can always ask for them as a present for Christmas or my birthday and in a four-pack they are a lot cheaper! And with my code HEYLILAXOB” you get a 15% discount 😉

I also tested the Organic Basics bra as well as the T-shirt. But before that, just a little info about Organic Basics: The Ethical Fashion company started in 2015 in Copenhagen and creates sustainable and very well-made basics. Their goal: to just do it better. Sustainability comes first and is at the core of the company. This is characterized by using sustainable materials, a better and transparent production chain and the longevity of the products. Organic Basics uses mainly GOTS certified organic cotton and recycled nylon fabrics.

Regarding their production: They write on their site that they visit the GOTS certified cotton fields and factories in Izmir and Istanbul every three months. Organic Basics writes on their website: “We sit with the workers, eat lunch in their canteen, and make sure that the factories are socially sustainable”. Equally transparent, they also provide information about their factories in Portugal. More about that here. In terms of transparency and authenticity, I personally find it extremely good that they ask for feedback from the customer, for example regarding their packaging. They use recycled polyester as that’s the best solution (recycled, reusable and 100% recyclable), but they’re also open to new ideas for their packaging.

But now about the Organic Basics bra: So as you have already probably realized, in the beginning I was mainly excited about the underpants by Organic Basics. But for many of you Invisible Panties don’t matter as much as to me lol, so I’ve also tested a few other Organic Basics products for you. The Organic Cotton Triangle Bra works completely without any underwire and still creates a nice shape. If I put it quite simple: The bra pushes my breasts slightly up, but in a natural and comfortable way. The band under the bust is rather wide and firm, so that the bra already sits very well thanks to this cut. So you do not have to pull the straps very tight to create a nice shape.

Because I am very slim, but have a relatively large bust in relation to that I always look for options that sit comfortably, but do not make the chest look too much like the boobs are “hanging”. I find that happens without underwired bras pretty often. Then I prefer to just not wear a bra at all haha – that’s still the best fit ​​:) The Triangle Bra however, is very cleverly cut. Clever, as I really think it creates a very nice shape and yet does not pinch or sit too tight. Honestly, I pulled the straps a bit too tight in the pictures, but already with the second wearing I adjusted them perfectly. They shouldn’t cut into the skin like they do on my pics, haha ​​:)

 The only drawback perhaps: Due to the very refined and smart cut, it feels like a little bit more fabric than I am used to from other bras without underwire. But that does not really bother me, as the fabric is soft and comfortable to wear thanks to the use of organic cotton. But I just wanted to mention it. I think the 40 euro price tag is fair. Like the underpants, you can also get the bra cheaper in a three-pack.


Last but not the least: The SilverTech Organic Cotton T-Shirt. First off: It’s not my favorite cut. The neckline is 1-2 inches too deep for me and the sleeves could be looser for me. So next time I would take one size bigger. But if you like it a tiny bit figure-hugging, but not too tight (I like shirts in an oversized look), then this shirt is just right for you. The fabric is super soft, does not smell so fast, you sweat less and it regulates your temperature due to the SilverTech. That’s why the shirt does not have to be washed often. This saves resources, time and, of course, money.

Next I want to try out the SilverTech leggings, because I still didn’t find the perfect sports leggings in the ethical fashion world.

As I said, my review here is 100% honest and unfiltered, even though I was sponsored by Organic Basics for creating the images and text. Such collaborations are a perfect match for my channels, and I am delighted that Organic Basics has given me their trust!

Do not forget my discount codeHEYLILAXOB” for a 15% discount, if you need new underwear and are convinced that these are the right ones for you. As always, only buy what you really need! I do not want to influence you to purchase unnecessarily, but if you’re looking for a new bra or similar anyway, then I think the discount code could be helpful! 

And I would like to hear from you, if any of you also share the passion for seamless underpants like me (LOL …)? Or have you already heard of Organic Basics?

I look forward to your feedback 🙂

PS: Pictures are by Vreni Jäckle – thank you so much!

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  1. Hallöchen!
    Also ich bin ein Riesen Verfechter von nahtlos Höschen und verteufle mich mittlerweile immer, wenn ich doch ein anderes trage!
    Auf organic basics bin ich schon gestoßen, hatte aber wegen dem Preis erst noch abgewartet. Mit deinem Code kann ich nun bald endlich zuschlagen!
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Hier! Ein nahtlos buddy! 😀 oder zumindest nur gaaanz flache nähte. Hab die letzten auch noch fast fashion gekauft, aber für die nächsten schreib ich mir das hier definitiv auf, super. 🙂 Für mich ist das irgendwie total wichtig, dass vor allem an der seite keine dicken nähte sind weil ich so empfindlich bin beim auf der seite liegen, wenn sich da die nähte oder aufgerollter stoff in meine haut drückt. Da bin ich irgendwie prinzessin auf der erbse, aber bei mir muss alles maximal gemütlich sein. Bügel bh‘s gibts bei mir daher auch schon lange nicht mehr, die bh‘s hier sehen auch gut aus, ich merks mir, danke! 🙂

  3. Hey Mia,
    hatte bei Mirella auch schon von der Marke gehört und die ganze Zeit schon ein Set mit dem BH und zwei Unterhosen in meinem Warenkorb gehabt.
    Ich trag schon seit fast 2 Jahren keine Bügel-BHs mehr… meistens aber nur schöne Sport BHs, weil die einfach bequemer sind und ich mit bügellosen nicht so viel Erfolg hatte! Bin nach deiner ehrlichen Review echt gespannt und muss mich gleich nochmal ausmessen 😉

    Viele Grüße,

  4. Liebe Mia,
    vielen Dank für deinen Bericht, den Bra muss ich auch unbedingt mal ausprobieren sobald ich einen neuen brauche 🙂
    Du kennst bestimmt die Loggins von ambiletics oder? Ich habe letztens auf einer Messe eine anprobiert und war von dem Stoff echt begeistert, da sie auch richtig blickdicht sind. Vielleicht wäre das ja auch etwas für dich 🙂
    Liebe Grüße Clara

  5. Was Nähte angeht, bin ich bei Kleidung auch relativ empfindlich. Komplett ohne muss es für mich nicht sein, aber sie sollten nach Möglichkeit für mich nicht spürbar sein. Dass das allgemein und auch im Fair Fashion Bereich nicht immer ganz einfach zu finden ist, ist definitiv so. Man sollte sich aber, finde ich, trotzdem immer fragen, wo man nachhaltige Basics kaufen kann und wenn man sucht, findet man auch einiges. Ich habe diesbezüglich gute Erfahrungen mit Grey Fashion Berlin gemacht, einem deutschen Label, das seine Basics aus einem nachhaltigen Stoff aus Algen fertigt.

    Recycelte Stoffe finde ich auch interessant und Bio-Baumwolle ist mit Sicherheit besser, als konventionell produzierte. Man darf aber beim nachhaltigen Shoppen auch nicht vergessen, dass zum Beispiel auch bei Bio-Baumwolle ziemlich viel Wasser verbraucht und CO2 erzeugt wird. Dinge, über die ich mir vor 15 Jahren auch noch keine Gedanken gemacht habe, aber man lernt ja zum Glück laufend dazu!

  6. Great brand but note that all of their orders ship from Denmark which means that even if you’re browsing and shopping on their US site additional taxes and duties would still be applied after your order ships. That applies to all countries outside of the EU.